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  1. Thanks for the reply, that option wasn't there for me. Changing network settings require both Docker and the array to be down... and my array was in the process of building the parity. I found earlier that when shutting down the array with 2 hours (of 16) of parity building to go, it will simply restart the entire process. Wasn't going to make that mistake again When it was finished, turned it off, turned bridged mode off, turned it back on and... voila, there was the br0 option. Selected it, worked like a charm the first time. No clue why it wasn't there to begin with, I haven't been messing around with the network settings.
  2. It's almost three years old, but glad you posted it, thanks! Couldn't figure out why my instance wouldn't connect...
  3. No doubt I'm missing some obvious answer, but my pihole installation keeps insisting on having the IP of the server itself. In the instructions it is advised to use bridge mode and give pihole its own IP. But even then it stays the same. When selecting the WebUI it can't be opened. I've re-installed, removed, installed and changed settings all evening. Won't budge. Config: Installing: Mapping: Update: Turns out the drop-down on top does not show the br0 interface for me. So somewhere in my config there seems to be an error... will have to investigate how to get it.
  4. Hahaha I know the feeling, "if only we would've known that when we started"... or "holy crap, did I really write that :|" Only one way to find out, will give it a go!
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! We can't mess around in the coding ourselves, can we? No idea what language it's in, but would love to give it a try. If not to bend it to my will, then at least to know how plugins can be built
  6. New to the whole unRAID party, just finished moving all data the the shiny new array Cache disk ready to go, parity is being calculated, and I'm getting into installing all kinds of apps and services. So far I'm loving it! Not sure whether this is a bug, but when in the CA tab, it only seems to remember my last tab if it was in the first five of the 'Categories' submenu. I'd like APPS to always start in the 'Pinned Apps' menu... so far, no luck. If I select it, switch to TOOLS and come back, we're back at one of the 'Categories'. Am I missing an option, or is this intentional? Thanks in advance for the help!
  7. Have you tried to send a message to your bot using the HTTP call? Simply from a browser. As long as your bot token is correct, the chat id is correct and the bot is in the chat... should work. Then at least you know technically it could work and the error is on unRAID side.
  8. Ah yes the Telegram API requires both chat id and message text to function: https://core.telegram.org/bots/api#sendmessage The chat_id parameter is part of the test script in Telegram.sh, but in my case (and I guess I'm not alone) the 'chatid' file that is referenced does not exist. If you create it like DavKBe mentions, it is read and the test script works immediately. What I did was create my own Telegram channel, so I can have multiple bots in there. Applications report to their own bot, and by setting the 'Sign messages' option, the bot name is shown. That way I know where the message is coming from. When the channel is there, add @get_id_bot to it. This bot will respond to each message with the chat ID. Once you have it, remove the bot. That is the chat ID you need to add to the 'chatid' file (including the - prefix). Creating you own bot is easy using @BotFather. Just send that bot a message and start the conversation with /newbot. After naming your shiny new companion, the process will end with the BotFather confirming your bot creation and the access api you need. You can test your bot manually by simply using a HTTP call (replace <bot_access_api> and <chat_id> with your values): https://api.telegram.org/bot<bot_access_api>/sendMessage?chat_id=<chat_id>&text=test