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  1. Pulled my disk accidentally and it generated 10 read errors, now contents of disk are emulated. I cleared disk statistics and rebooted unraid. Butni can't readd the disk to the array again. How to I go about doing that. Do I have to clear the whole array etc.?
  2. Upgraded from NC 15 to 19 today, yeah I know, long overdue. When I go to help I have Nextcloud 15 support documentation, how to I purge the old version of this page? Secondary issue I'm having is the Additionaly Settings page is missing under Settings. Prints a '1' on the page. This is not the Additional Settings that is under Administration.
  3. Where can I find a full version or example of supported tags in v2 xml... I'm trying to figure out if this is a valid tag, or if one exists like this...
  4. Auto Update doesn't spin up new instances of a few containers I have after an update attempt. The image is updated, but then they just disappear and aren't spun back up again. I can bring them back up manually by using the User Templates section in the Templates drop down. So not quite sure why Auto Update wouldn't spin them up again even though the template still exists for the containers. If I update the containers manually it works just fine. Also note worthy these are my own unraid templates, https://github.com/Exist2Resist/docker-templates/tree/master/exist2resist The containers that don't spin back up are Collabora, and Gitlab-CE after updates, all the other ones update fine.
  5. Right now I am doing the following in the Docker Template Schema <ExtraParams>--hostname your.domain.org</ExtraParams> Is there such a config type as a Hostname for use in the Docker Template Schema? Something like the following... <Config Type="Hostname" Name="Hostname of the Container" ....>your.domain.org</Config>
  6. Yeah this is what was weird the disk SMART was fine so I tried to rebuild the config since it had 4 read errors. But when I rebuilt it it got a lot more errors. The disk is still sitting there but it is not in the array anymore. I have a Norco 24 bay drive case with a sas back plane connected to dell perc cards in IT mode. I will shut down the server and check the cables. EDIT: Not bad cables, bad drive, Error 187. Unraid did no notify me of this, and the drive was green until I rebooted the server. Once I replaced that drive the array is functioning as normal.
  7. Thanks, here you go. tower-diagnostics-20200922-2321.zip
  8. Unraid Parity sync / Data rebuild: 13-09-2020 04:23 Notice [TOWER] - Parity sync / Data rebuild finished (1 errors) Duration: 10 hours, 5 minutes, 33 seconds. Average speed: 110.1 MB/s What do I do with a data rebuild that rebuilt with 1 error? Now when I run parity check I get a single error. How do I handle this?
  9. It's not broken mine has been working without hiccup for over a year now. You need to create a chatid file under /boot/config/telegram. From the command line run the following; touch /boot/config/telegram/chatid In that file you need to input the chatid of your user not your bot. You can obtain this by going to the following url; https://api.telegram.org/bot{bot token}/getUpdates Or running a curl command from the command line; curl https://api.telegram.org/bot{bot token}/getUpdates Where {bot token} is your bot api token... in the format of 1111111111:AAasdflakjhsflaskdhalskdjyYo You will see json formated text spit out. Look for the first instance of a chat id that belongs to your user name and not the bot. "chat":{"id":206646491,"first_name":"Max","last_name":"Power","username":"MPower" The above is the chat id you insert into your chatid file on the server. Just the number nothing else. Run this in command line; echo "206646491" > /boot/config/telegram/chatid
  10. Yeah I was looking at that. Didn't know you could do S3, Amazon Glacier 10GB free tier too so that's not a bad choice. That's pretty cool. I see it supports Amazon as well among other services.
  11. Meh, I'm just going to share it out via my nextcloud. Thanks.
  12. I preformed useradd -m -d /location/of/ftp/folder ftp then passwd ftp to set the password. However when I log into the FPT server the user can see and access my entire array. Where do I restrict this access?
  13. Thanks for the info. That's VPN software though.
  14. I have several friends that are using unRaid, about 6 of us. I recently setup owncloud, I'm looking for an offsite backup solution for pictures and documents. Something that is encrypted on the untrusted box, and can be done between unraid boxes. I guess I could use syncthing but id does not encrypt the destination folder. Any suggestions?
  15. I did several times. I think something was being cached in the browser, reason I say that it wasn't till I got home and opened my laptop that the log stopped showing all red. It's fine now. Odd behavior, working now though.