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  1. I did several times. I think something was being cached in the browser, reason I say that it wasn't till I got home and opened my laptop that the log stopped showing all red. It's fine now. Odd behavior, working now though.
  2. Had a bit of an issue with both the mentioned the plugins not updating and giving me wrong csrf_token error. I purged the Advanced Buttons.plg manually and had to update the Unassigned devices plugin manually as well. Now I get the above.
  3. So it looks like there is a bug with the telegram notifications in unRAID. Once you input the TOKEN it's supposed to fetch the CHATID, this did not happen to me when I upgraded to 6.7. It sat there for 24 hours, doing nothing. Not until i created a "/boot/config/telegram/chatid" file manually and populated it with the 9 digit chat id, did it work.
  4. Yeah figured it out. I'm on 6.7 and it wasn't working for me at all. I had to create a chatid file and once I did the test was successful. Prior to that it went nowhere with just the BOT token.
  5. It's not working for me at all, chatid file is not being created. Do I just create a chatid file in the same directory as the tokenid file, and paste the chatid in there? EDIT: Nevermind, figured out that creating a "chatid" file and just putting it in the same folder as the token file makes this work. I don't understand why this doesn't have a Chat ID file and when it's populated unraid generates a chatid file and inside it it appends the 9 digit ID. It's not that difficult.
  6. So it looks like there is a bug with the telegram notifications in unRAID. It's supposed to fetch the CHATID with just the BOT Token field, this did not happen to me when I upgraded to 6.7. It sat there for 24 hours, doing nothing. Not until i created a "/boot/config/telegram/chatid" file and put in the 9 digit chat id in there did it work.
  7. I work in IT, have for 2 decades, and if I was doing the same thing as I was 20 years ago it would have left irrelevant in the IT space. I adapt to new better technologies, the problem is most sys admins are lazy and like pressing a button. I have dealt with people like that my entire career, I have no idea how these individuals survive in the space. Not saying that anyone in here reflects that mentality either.
  8. My let's encrypt/web server container which used nginx serves up more than just next cloud. I used to have VMs now I have none. To each their own.
  9. I run a Nextcloud and MariaDB docker container. I backup my data share with CA backup and backup my mariaDB container with a bash script nightly. Recently I accidentally blew away my entire Nextcloud config share and I was able to come back from that with the two backups I perform. I don't see the benefit of running this in a VM, just makes no sense.
  10. unRAID V6.7, am able to put in the API token but where do I specify the CHAT ID for Telegram bot?
  11. Thanks, I will do that. I don't believe the xfs_repair did anything to my array, it's not complaining at this moment. Content other than the two folders in question seems to be fine as well.
  12. root@Tower:/mnt/user/Movies# ls -laR >> /mnt/user/Temp/laR_Movies.txt /bin/ls: reading directory './Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter (2012)': /bin/ls: reading directory './Brothers (2009)/.actors': Structure needs cleaning I ran: xfs-reapair /dev/sdo Still complaining about a few files in those folders. I can't delete the files in question either, which I would be ok with. Any suggestions?
  13. @realies Thanks for this, really appreciate the work you have done on this.
  14. What's up with the memory usage on this docker, it's eating it all up and keeps growing out of control.
  15. Sounds like you have configuration issue. I run a headless instance from linuxserver.io and I've had to restart it once in over a year. I don't run any plugins in my headless instance, so I couldn't tel you. Your best option would be to buy a cheap graphics card and run a VM. Hopefully you have an IOMMU enabled motherboard.