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  1. I deleted the appdata folder and restarted my server. I reinstalled the plex docker and set all media paths (I appended a V2 to the plex path make sure no old data was being used) When trying to launch I still get the XML error. Docker logs after launch. Looking at other posts on this forum for similar issues I found a suggestion to add '/manage' to the end of the plex docker URL to gain access. My URL looks like this: http://x.x.x.x:32400/manage and it did load. I was then able to create the Plex instance/server name and it's started adding libraries. I could access my media that has been scanned so far from a client system via a test stream. I then tried to relaunch the Plex docker and after going through the initial setup/configuration it did load. No tricks needed. Thought I was almost done. I was in the Plex GUI, not Unraid, and set transcode to use RAM in settings. Another step closer to being finished... When I was streaming from my backup Plex instance I noticed the new server shares showed offline. The Plex Server was offline. I checked logs and see BTRFS serrors. I tried to restart the docker and it failed. This is the message I got. Looking at other similar posts on the forum seems to indicate bad memory. I will attempt to run a memtest to see the results. Attaching latest diagnostics after running into these last issues. Thanks tower-diagnostics-20211206-2023.zip
  2. It appears that my Plex instance on Unraid is running. I simply cannot reach the WebUI directly from the docker page. I have an older system with another Plex instance that I booted up. I saw my Plex shares available on my Unraid system and am able to view the media. I tried to launch from a different browser on the same system and received the following message: When I view the docker logs this is what I see? Is this more a docker-provider issues versus Unraid? If so I can go that path. Thanks
  3. Instead of using the Previous Apps feature I reinstalled the same linuxserver Plex docker from the Apps page. I had it point to my media shares. Installation is fine and the docker is started per the GUI. When I go to launch the docker it is unable to connect. I then checked the cache appdata folder and see a Plex folder there with an older timestamp. Do I need to remove this old plex folder from the cache drive then try to reinstall? If so is Krusader a viable option to do so via GUI? Attaching latest diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20211203-1007.zip Thanks,
  4. I ran the xfs_repair command sans arguments and it completed quickly. ***** Check Filesystem Status xfs_repair status: Phase 1 - find and verify superblock... Phase 2 - using internal log - zero log... - scan filesystem freespace and inode maps... Metadata CRC error detected at 0x43cfad, xfs_bnobt block 0x2ffffffd8/0x1000 btree block 6/1 is suspect, error -74 bad magic # 0 in btbno block 6/1 Metadata CRC error detected at 0x43cfad, xfs_bnobt block 0x27fffffe0/0x1000 btree block 5/1 is suspect, error -74 bad magic # 0 in btbno block 5/1 . . . resetting inode 7018382593 nlinks from 14 to 8 resetting inode 72238548 nlinks from 6 to 4 resetting inode 7018382623 nlinks from 17 to 11 resetting inode 72238576 nlinks from 11 to 6 done ***** After running the command I received the message that Disk 11 has returned to normal utilization level. Disk 11 now shows more free data than before but I can view folders and files there. There is a lost+found folder now but I can view files under the TV Shows folder. I confirmed in Windows that I can now view files in the TV Shows share. I have plenty of content in the lost+found directory but no big worries. I have the original drives I replaced and may try to recover some data from them. I don't have any dockers installed even though I can see the folders and files in my cache drive at /mnt/cache/appdata I will proceed to reinstall those. I'm attaching the latest diagnostics logs for reference. Thanks all for your help. I really appreciate it. tower-diagnostics-20211202-2310.zip
  5. I ran the xfs_repair -nv command from the webGui and this is the results. Diagnostics are attached. tower-diagnostics-20211201-2222.zip Per this article running xfs_repair without the -n argument was suggested and worked. Should this be my next step?
  6. I found another forum entry that had the "No listing: Too many files" message. That case was just like mines, checking the share shows no files in Unraid or via Windows Explorer. However if you check the disks contents folders/files are there. In the case above the impacted end user was asked to check the drives via webGui. https://wiki.unraid.net/Check_Disk_Filesystems#Checking_and_fixing_drives_in_the_webGui He had to run a rebuild-tree and after a couple of days it seemed to have restore the empty share. Applying this to my case I found the following entries in my diagnostics logs. I looked up online how to determine what disk md11 refers to. I ran the following command and it gave me the serial number which associates to disk 11. grep diskId.11 /proc/mdstat Should I use the instructions at the url: https://wiki.unraid.net/Check_Disk_Filesystems#Checking_and_fixing_drives_in_the_webGui on my disk 11? It is part of my TV Shows share so I believe this may be the way to go but wanted to check before. Thanks!
  7. Here are the diagnostic logs. tower-diagnostics-20211128-1141.zip In regards to the TV shows share this is what I see when I connect via a Windows system. This is the view when I click TV Shows under the Shares menu. This is compared to the Movies share which does show the sub-folders I have on it with files underneath. I have checked the lost+found share and see folders and files there. But if I check the disks assigned to the TV Shows share I can see the regular folder structure plus lost+found where applicable. Samples of files under the TV Shows folder on this disk.
  8. I replaced the disks a couple days ago and today it finished data rebuild. There are no errors in the rebuild process. List of disks Some of my other shares now appear that were on the cache drive. No dockers but I think that is okay as I can download them again. My Movies share seems to be fine. I can navigate the folder contents and see most data there. My TV shows share shows too many files when I click to view it's contents. If I view one of the disks that have TV shows I can see folders and then data files under there. Is there any way that the TV Shows share can be fixed? I searched for the "too many files" string and found a case where some disks had to be repaired. Not sure if that's the path to take. I'm attaching diagnostics from today. Thanks tower-syslog-20211128-1348.zip
  9. Disk 11 returned to normal operation but i did not get the message when it completed saying that data rebuild finished with no errors. This is the message I received . This is unlike when I rebuilt disk 12 days earlier which did complete successfully.
  10. I think this is because I made another mistake before reaching out to the forums for help. When I first started having problems disks 8 and 12 were disabled. I replaced disk 8 and it successfully rebuilt data on the 12th. I replaced disk 12 on the 12th. When I powered on the system disk 11 was not detected. Instead of troubleshooting this I let disk 12 be rebuilt. It completed successfully on the 13th. I then replaced disk 11 and this is when the parity errors were generated that show on the 14th.
  11. Followed instructions and ultimately ran a repair and disk 12 and it's reporting normal utilization level now. I checked the Main screen and disk 12 now shows the right size. At this point do you feel it's safe to replace the two disabled drives then let it rebuild? Thanks
  12. I can place in two new drives and let the data rebuild but have a couple questions/concerns before. The last time I had a parity check was when I first had these issues and was replacing disks. Due to the multiple issues encountered then the parity check found many errors. I also noticed that Disk 12 is 12TB but shows as 8 in the data column. This was the second disk I replaced and it completed rebuild successfully 10 days ago or so. Rebuild message on 11/13 Disk 12 status on 11/24 Would either of these cause any issues if I were to put in new drives to rebuild? If not I will proceed to let that process run. Thanks
  13. I do have a couple disks with SMART errors on the dashboard. One is a disabled disk while another seems to be "fine". I have the original three disks I replaced back when these issues first started. I also have one new unused disk. Is it best practice to try and replace one of the disabled drives and see how that goes?
  14. I finally received my internal sas card and placed it in my primary system. I removed any drives that were plugged into the marvell controllers. At this point all drives are plugged in array is up and no change. I've attached diagnostics logs after booting up. Any help would be appreciated. tower-diagnostics-20211124-1839.zip
  15. I'll wait for the sas card to arrive and moves drives there and off of Marvell. I will provide an update then. Thanks for your help.