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  1. Could this be run on a pi cluster? I would think it could be a scalable solution in which the owner could increase CPU, mem, HDD (USB3) by adding pi's as and when needed or as and when affordable. Thoughts?
  2. As the title says. I have tried so many options and I get the vm to boot from iso but vm wont see any hardware. Have a few vm's and got pfsense running but wanted to try Sophos as I've heard so may good things about it. TIA
  3. Could I please ask someone to post a working VM.xml file? I have got pfsense currently and would like to try Sophos UTM but I can not for the life of me get it to work. I have tried a number of vm variations but I can not get it to see the hardware during the setup. Can anyone help?
  4. @SpaceInvaderOne - I have watched your videos and you seem to have a far firmer grasp on this than I. Are you able to help me?
  5. I have created a VM for PF-Sense and am very happy with how stable and well it works. I am battling to finish the last bit of my setup and am hoping someone can help. Currently I have a number of devices that are assigned to a single group to control their behavior in the following sets: Priority Static IP Normal Static IP Media Devices (KODI - Rapberry PI) Seedbox Guest I have set these groups up each with different bandwidth limiters: 100% Down and 100% Up Load Speeds Media Devices Seedbox Priority Static IP 40% Down and 50% Up Load Speeds Normal Static IP's (each) 20% Down and 50% Up Load Speeds Guest IP's (each) That all works 100%. What I would like to do now, and for the life of me I can't get it right, is to priotise certain groups over others. This is what I am looking for: Highest Media Devices Priority Static Normal Static Normal Guest Low Seedbox Why would you want to do this I hear you ask? Its simple, even though certain groups have less bandwidth available they would be prioritiesd ahead of others. So if my media centers required streaming (max bandwidth) and my network was saturated from the Guest or Seedbox it would receive it. It would also mean that Normal static, even though it has a much lower bandwidth limit would almost always receive all of it. I cant seem to wrap my head around this using QOS (by IP or Group). Can anyone help?
  6. Made this, its from a series of books by David Eddings called the Malloreon
  7. I'd like to propose an option in the Docker Settings that will allow the user to choose how to handle docker updates on UnRaid Boot. Always Delay Time in seconds Never This would go along way in helping UnRaid boot correctly when there is no internet connectivity.
  8. As the title says. I would like to have UnRaid boot up without it checking for updates. This is because I have OPNSense running as a VM and therefor have not internet connectivity on boot up. Simple solution would seem to have the dockers boot "as they were" and either delay or not check for updates. Can anyone help?
  9. Thanks for all your help. Done some investigating and it looks like integrating Emby will sort this out for me. Have a super day!
  10. OK, I understand but is there a way to sync the databases so that I only need to maintain one? For example if I rename a movie in one database will it rename in the others?
  11. Quick question before I start, will the following scenario. I have a media server which runs dockers and file shares and 5 KODI devices linking back. The question is, can I have 1 updated database between the devices but multiple users? This is specifically due to different watched tags in each room as they are per person? (or is there a better way?) TIA
  12. I am looking for a one click button option, would you I be able to reuse a saved script from the gui?
  13. Has anyone come across some functionality that allows for easy "pausing" of a single or group of docker containers? I have a common issue that my bandwidth is hogged by 2 docker containers. When I would like to "free up bandwidth" I stop them and then restart once I'm done. The problem is that I don't always remember so I was wondering if someone has come across a solution to this before. Ideally it would be a setup function in Unraid in which the user could allocated particular dockers to it and setup a default time to "pause" them. On the Dashboard or Docker Tabs there is then a button which starts this. As I see it, it would simply stop the preselected containers and restart after the predefined time. Is this possible?
  14. Hi, I know this is a very old post but I have solved the problem. User the Unraid Docker App and search for "utorrent", use the one named cptincrdbl/utorrent-server:latest. Create an additional path (/data - /mnt/cache/Appdisk/).
  15. I have been using uTorrent docker successfully for months now. You can search this forum for my link or search docker sites for "softvisio/utserver:latest" Add to this uTorrent easy client in Chrome and you are well covered. It covers everything you are looking for and I am yet to find something its not compatible with. My up time is over 90 days by the way. What I would say is that it can become a little unresponsive when your download que exceeds 500.
  16. Hi bud, Been using this uTorrent docker for 2 months without a hitch!. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=39678.0 The only thing that's missing for me is the shift+up and shift+down function. Every other downloader that I have used seems to miss something and this covers it all. pm me if you have any questions
  17. Been using the uTorrent docker for weeks now and its very stable. Certainly does scheduling plus much more.
  18. For those still looking, I found this one https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/softvisio/utserver/dockerfile/ and have been using it for a week now without issue. A quick note of warning, should you update the settings once the docker is running then the config file is reset, learnt it once after which it was not a problem again. It seems to use the older web page format so if some-one can help me with "enabling" the newer one I will be quite grateful.
  19. I use transmission, never used deluge. Never needed RSS with transmission. It does have a watch folder you can configure. Sorry can't be more help. Maybe try a google search. Transmission is not bad but I require the rss feature.