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  1. I was trying to test my transcoding and I'm having issue with changing the quality to force transcoding within a web browser. If I go to Settings -> Plex Web -> Quality -> turn off "Use recommended settings" under Home Streaming and then choose a video quality...that works. But if I change the quality from within the video, it stops playing. I'm on binhex-plexpass ( and I'm using a nVidia p2000 with driver 465.27 on Unraid 6.9.2. Any help would be great.
  2. I'm sorry if this has been explain, but I just can't find it: Any reason why I'm getting this warning in fix common problems: Docker application Rclone-mount has volumes being passed that are mounted by Unassigned Devices, but they are not mounted with the slave option This is what the docker looks like (see docker-rclone-1.png).
  3. Hi @JorgeB...after about 50+ days up (the longest running time I've seen on my system), the system just crapped out. The UI was not displaying the pages fully and the SMB shares were not accessible. There was no panic alert displayed on the screen/monitor. Attached is the syslog from yesterday (when I saw the issue) up to today. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Syslog-panic.txt
  4. Thanks for the info...I just left mine alone since I figured that I wouldn't need to get the WebGUI from the UnRaid console all the time. I can just input the url (or in my case, the DNS entry I created) in a new tab an I'm fine.
  5. Hey @JorgeB, I was finally able to have the issue reproduce (I think) and I have the syslog information. Also attached is the diagnostic file too. Could I be having an issue with my video card? When I noticed something was wrong, I was able to log in and get this file. I then check the monitor and nothing would come up so I had to hard reset it. Syslog-20201022.txt unraid-1-diagnostics-20201022-2253.zip
  6. Thank you so much...It looks like I'm back in business. I've attached a new updated diagnostics unraid-1-diagnostics-20200924-0749.zip
  7. So I just finished performing those steps and got this error for docker: Your existing Docker image file needs to be recreated due to an issue from an earlier beta of Unraid 6. Failure to do so may result in your docker image suffering corruption at a later time. Please do this NOW!
  8. @JorgeB thanks for get back to me so quickly...I'm performing those steps now.
  9. Thanks @JorgeB. I'm pretty new to unraid, is there a recommended way to back it up and reformat?
  10. Attached unraid-1-diagnostics-20200924-0749.zip
  11. Hi All, Can someone help me with this error message? I keep on getting this. This is a Samsung SSD 970 PRO being used as one of two mirrored cache drives. Sep 24 00:07:41 UNRAID-1 kernel: BTRFS error (device nvme1n1p1): unable to find ref byte nr 3304267476992 parent 0 root 5 owner 14749139 offset 0 Sep 24 00:07:41 UNRAID-1 kernel: BTRFS: error (device nvme1n1p1) in __btrfs_free_extent:6802: errno=-2 No such entry Sep 24 00:07:41 UNRAID-1 kernel: BTRFS info (device nvme1n1p1): forced readonly Sep 24 00:07:41 UNRAID-1 kernel: BTRFS: error (device nvme1n1p1) in bt
  12. Thanks...I had it setup and it was sending to my other NAS that is a syslog, but then when I was exporting the info, it crashed and wiped out the logs....I'll have the syslogs next time it happens.
  13. I've been getting these Kernel Panics every 3-4 weeks now for the past 3-4 months. Can someone help me identify the issue? Attached is the Diagnostics. unraid-1-diagnostics-20200913-2034.zip