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  1. To save some people digging through forum comments, this comment was the solution for me. Hopefully this helps!
  2. You're mainly correct. A lot of people use Cloudflare to avoid DDOS attacks. I wanted to use it because Cloudflair also has an option to use their API for DNS verification for my Let's Encrypt certs.
  3. I was having the same issues as the other folks. The fixes in the above posts fixed the issues. In Nextcloud docker cli enter: occ app:disable documentserver_community In Unraid cli enter: docker exec -it nextcloud updater.phar Updating from the Unraid cli seems like the way to go! Thank you!
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    I just tested port forwarding/adding firewall rule for 4443 and it worked for me too. Previous to that I could get users in the chat but video didn't work for anyone.
  5. If anyone comes to this post, the information provided by @Marshalleq worked as a solution to getting Cloudflare to work with my Nextcloud instance. 1) Don't use the Cloudflare proxy, use them just for DNS 2) Use A records rather than CNAMES in Cloudflare 3) Changing Unraid ports to something other than 80 and 443 (Settings ---> Management Access in Unraid) 4) Make sure to have correct forwarding ports in router/firewall rules
  6. You're correct, I can access it from my local PC. I'll try changing my Unraid ports and see how that changes things. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the reply! My first post here, love the forums. I tried what you recommended but no luck so far. I've tried accessing my Nextcloud instance via my cell phone (on data) in a Firefox browser and no luck. Strangely I can login to Nextcloud via the phone app but I can't access any of the files inside.
  8. Anyone figure out the solution to this? I'm having the exact same problem.