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  1. Any updates? I'm having a related issue. Finder will not be able to connect after a few hours. I need to kill finder and then can open the smb share
  2. Attached. Pick the France ovpn file. Also grab the .crt and .pem file openvpn.zip
  3. I have Binhex Deluge installed which includes a vpn and it has privoxy. Can I do what you're saying with that or do I need to setup wireguard/openvpn separately?
  4. Yes, I should have mentioned that I did contact their support and port forwarding is indeed down in Canada. They said France works and I did confirm it does. Make sure you do the following: Stop the container Update the configuration files in the delugevpn folder (make a copy of the older config files in case you want to restore them later) Start the container Restart the container Wait a few minutes. I thought France wasn't working at first either, but it just took a few minutes to connect That should do it.
  5. First need to state I am a noob. I sometimes need to enable SSH because I use an application called Transmit to connect to my unraid server remotely over SFTP, when I am not on my home network. Initially, not knowing any better I just left SSH enabled on my server, but the plugin "Fix Common Problems" warned SSH was enabled and the port was getting hit thousands of times. Someone was scanning ports and trying to brute force their way in, I kept seeing "wrong password attempt" in my log file from an IP in China. This also started filling up my cache disk with a massive log file. So I disabled SSH (see attached). Now I only enable SSH through the unraid GUI when I need to connect with SFTP, and then I disable it afterwards. Is that the proper way to do this or is there a better way to securely connect over SSH/SFTP and not worry about getting bruteforced?
  6. I just gave France a try and no luck either. Are you setting this Deluge option to "yes"? Container Variable: VPN_ENABLED edit spoke to soon. It does work, so I guess the server I typically use is down (Montreal)
  7. So today deluge just wouldn't load the WebUI. I am using it with PIA and see some people are having issues with their servers. I'm guessing this is happening because PIA can't connect and I just need to wait until they fix the issue? Or is this something on my end?