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  1. I’ve been running @doron’s script for a few days and it has been perfect so far! Absolutely no unwanted spin ups, and my SAS drives are always sent to standby when needed. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this thread, especially @SimonF and @doron (and thanks for crediting me in your script even if I really just suggested something and haven’t written a single line of code 😆). Now let’s push this to the devs and get it included in Unraid! Stay safe and keep up the positive vibes 😉
  2. As of Safari 14.0, the VNC Viewer seems to be working perfectly fine. The other pop-ups windows still require a double opening as @CS01-HSsuggested.
  3. @doron What is the best way to implement such scripts ? This reaches the limits of my Slackware knowledge Thanks!
  4. My array consists of 4 SAS drives and 2 SSDs. At idle with only my background processes and the SSDs it’s using 40W, at idle with the SAS array unnecessarily spinning it uses 80W, and with the drives active and working, it’s around a 100W. I have a little current meter on my plug to measure and track energy usage and cost.
  5. This is awesome! The command: sg_start -vvv --pc=3 /dev/sgX works perfectly with my SAS-only array. I've put it in a User Script running hourly to often make sure the drives are standing by, and whenever I access any files, the required drives spin back up! No errors to report so far and it's finally completely automatic ! I really hope that Limetech can implement this behaviour in a future version of Unraid. Thank you so much for all the contributions, I love this community!
  6. I've been researching ways that might allow an automation of the sg_start command. iotop (available through NerdPack) can show real time read/write usage for any disks. This might not work because a spun down SAS drive will probably not show any activity as Unraid won't be able to access it. Then I came across ioping. This one is not available on NerdPack so I can't easily test it, but it logs the access latency to each drive. I am assuming that a spun down SAS drive will show an ever increasing latency until it fails and Unraid reports a read error in the array. There might be a way to write a script that looks at those latencies and spins a SAS drive up when it reaches a set threshold, just before Unraid fails the request and reports an error. Pair that to the syslog message that is sent when a drive un spun down by Unraid, and you have an almost automatic system to spin SAS drives up and down. If anyone has tinkered with those tools before, I would suggest to give it a try. What do you guys think ?
  7. Waw! This is correct! It works the second time. This bring even more questions now...
  8. @Taddeusz I replicated your exact same config and it still doesn't work. Must be something else. Thank you for your advice!
  9. I’m actually running iOS and iPadOS 14 on two devices and issue still happens. Very odd that you managed to get it working!
  10. I know I should probably use another browser, but Safari just works so much better than anything else on my old MacBook.
  11. Hm might work but I don’t know if I want to risk this Thanks for the suggestion!
  12. Hi everyone, I noticed that some pop-up windows opened from Unraid do not display properly on Safari. You can see in the video, in order to reproduce: - Open the Unraid dashboard - Open a Docker console, a VM VNC session or a VM log - Doesn't load. Interestingly, the pop-up for Terminal and Docker log are loaded correctly. Safari is set up: - To allow pop-ups - Not block cross-site tracking - Not block Unraid's cookies - Not filter ads and content on Unraid's domain - To allow JavaScript The same things work fine on Firefox on the same machine. Is it just a setting, (something in experimental features?) a full-on bug or simply a Safari-related limitation? Open to suggestions! Thank you. Other info: - Video - Safari 13.1.2 - Unraid 6.8.3 (Sorry about the buggy attached media, I don't know what happened) Screen Recording 2020-08-23 at 18.12.04.mov Screen Recording 2020-08-23 at 18.12.04.mov Screen Recording 2020-08-23 at 18.12.04.mov
  13. I'm also showing my interest for such a feature to be implemented! The sg_start command works perfectly on my system. I also realised that the syslog shows when Unraid spins a drive down, there should be a way to tie the log entry and the sg_start command to follow Unraid's desire to spin a drive down. The syslog doesn't say when a drive is spun back up (or at least not with my current settings), but if it did, we would also have a way to trigger the SAS drives back up if this log entry is detected.
  14. Server name is 'und.ukb'. I actually changed that very recently, do you think the dot confuses the plugin as the name and certificate apparently don't match ? ... Just reverted to 'und' as name and the issue is fixed! So yes, the dot in the server name confuses the plugin somehow. Thank you for helping me resolve this!
  15. I tried to re-create the Unraid cert as you recommended and it didn't solve the problem. root@und:/boot/config/ssl/certs# ls controlr_cert.pem controlr_key.pem und_unraid_bundle.pem All of those certificate were re-created just now Console output is still the same.