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  1. This may be a dumb question, but how can I add new apps to Community Applications? Is it possible for users to contribute by adding new apps or does the dev do all that? For example, there is a Docker container that I wanted to install on my unraid, but it wasn't listed in the community applications, so I had to add it to unraid manually. I'd like to add this to the community applications if I can.
  2. I need some help with NerdPack. I have a fresh install of Unraid running, and the only plugins I have installed are the Community Applications and NerdPack. I have no docker containers installed. No matter what I do, NerdPack will not load the plugin information (list), it's just stuck on "Please wait, retrieving plugin information ...". It has a good internet connection. All the NerdPack files and folders show up in /boot/config/plugins/NerdPack/. The system log shows "Tower nerdpack: All packages processed...". I have tired uninstalling and reinstalling NerdPack. I've tired uninstalling, man