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  1. Hey, I just upgraded and made a post about this over here. Just to keep things simple i'm going to roll back. (I don't need any of the new features or NVidia driver support). But is there a timeline of when this will be fixed? -Thanks
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. Can i just roll back using the Tools>Upgrade OS area? What cache settings should i screen shot before rolling back if i'm going to need to manually set them back up. Any update on when it will be fixed?
  3. I just upgraded a moment ago, and now UnRAID is no longer seeing any spinning disks... it sees my SSD caches but nothing else. I'm on Version 6.9.2 I see there is a Restore/Roll-back option under the tools section. I didn't want to do that until i checked here first. I've attached my diagnostic file
  4. It would be fantastic to just click a button that starts to eject the drive. (Copy files from it to the rest of the array, then removes it and marks it as an "Unassigned Device". You could even take it a step father and "swap" disks. For example you select a disk in the array, select "swap" or something and it copies the data to the new drive and removes the old drive from the array. Right now, having to have to juggle resizing the array is a bit of a pain.
  5. Right, i currently have a SAN connection between unraid and my desktop for video editing (Since it needs block level). Id like to fiber connect unraid (I will have to go direct if i have to since I fiber switches are $$) to a few other machines (Not on the block level) so it's shared. Such as the movies and TV folder. Of the fiber cards only the Myricom card is recognized in Unraid. The rest of the fiber cards are not.
  6. So, I was gifted a 24D Facilis Terrablock server. It's built for video production where it can support up to 6 direction fiber connection to each machine. And allowed quick switching between iSCSI devices (Since some editing software only works on those drives). Anyways... I have been migrating from my DIY homebuilt server into this and things have been going better than expected. The server came with: 3x - Atto FC-82EN Fiber Channel cards. 1x - Myricom-10G Dual-Protocol NIC As well as the two standard ethernet ports on the MOBO. 8x - Fiberstore SFP-10GSR-85 1x - FTLX8571D3BCL Since I only have a standard gigabit switches (one manage and the other not). Id like to utilize the fiber cards for speed. What would you recommend for setting that up? I don't mind them being direct connection (Pretty small space) but can't seem to find any good info on setting it up.... I've already pulled the cards and put one of them in my desktop. I do have an iSCSI drive over the network (Again for video production stuff) set up by following a SpaceInvader One tutorial that i use on Unraid. I'm sure i will have to reset that up on whatever route i go... Long story short, any way to directly connect to an unraid server via Fiber cards? -Thanks,
  7. So... the rebuild finished w/ out any errors... Nor did the drive put out any errors. So the eSATA cable was it. It was just my own laziness to not swap it and just shrink it and deal w/ the drive for testing later... So one issue i've caused in doing all of this, is that now i've got duplicated files... I was using unBALANCE to move stuff from drive 5 (The one giving errors) to drive 7. I did the dry run and fixed some permissions, I figured i was good to go. So i started to do the move, but the drive's speed went to shit and started giving out errors, So i canceled it and tried it again. (Happened a few more times). Then we fixed my fuck up.. (Trying to shrink the array). However, now i've got some duplicated files (According to "Fix common problems"). The errors says I haven't done much research yet, but figured i would post here in conjunction with googling around. Any ideas/recommendation on correcting that? -Thanks,
  8. I did stumble across that wiki. And 3 hours left on the rebuild.... no errors..
  9. I did not see that page of the wiki.. thank you for sending it. It does clear up a lot.. I powered down the server, swapped the cable, it hung on that USB error i mentioned in the other thread a few weeks ago. (if you have a solution for that yet). Started the array, and it is rebuilding a 102 MB/S now. I will keep an eye out and see if the drive starts to error out again... -Thanks,
  10. I just swapped the SATA cable.. it's coming back up online now.
  11. And there it goes... tossing errors and slowing everything down. If i restart the server, i can almost guarantee the speeds will go back up for a bit, then back down.
  12. Doing that now. I agree, the data is still on disk 5. And the disk is 90% probably okay.. I am doing what you said now. This is what i figured i would have to do if i was unable to shrink it. I will post the logs back up in the morning. HOWEVER - hypothetically speaking... if a drive dies. (100% dead). And you don't have access to another drive but don't want to be unprotected. What would be the best way to shrink the array without that drive? -Thanks,
  13. Yes, that was/is Disk 5. I just figured it would be simple to shrink the array and deal with the drive issues later. Maybe buy a new one who knows.. just a later time project. I just didn't like a bunch of errors happening on that disk.
  14. All i did was stop the array like you recommended. Here are the new logs.
  15. Disk 5 is still in the server. (I have not physically removed any drives). The errors from disk 5 were UMDA errors. And from my understanding it's a hardware issue (Bad cable or something along those lines). So the plan was to just remove the drive from the array, then when i got more time go in and take a physical look. - I shut down the array like you said. - Disk 5 is still in here. - Auto Start is already set to "no" ** EDIT** The advice was a culmination of reading online from different places like the wiki. So i paraphrased as best as i could here to make sure i understood it correctly. Apparently, not... -Thanks,