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  1. I'd like to revive this thread! I have the same issue, I use my unraid server for gaming and testing VM's. My gaming used the 1070 dedicated GPU (No on board) so I boot unraid in GUI mode. Once I shutdown the VM I loose my display. I have a 710GT that uses PCIe 1x that I can add in, but it wont be in the #1 slot as my PC is water-cooled and I don't want to have to remake some pipes... I tested it out but still when closing the VM I loose display. Is there anyway for us to wake up the GPU or to rebind it to unraid after a shutdown? I saw a video from spaceinvaders one for switching from windows to mac with 1 dedicated GPU using "User Scripts" plugin. Could something like that work for this?
  2. Not sure if others are having this issue, I tried searching but came up empty... I'm running unraid 6.8.3 with the NVIDIA driver pack and this PLEX docker with my K4000 in pass-through for PLEX. It works wonderfully and I have almost no complaints at all, my only issue is that when I'm done watching a movie that required my GPU to encode the video, the GPU stays running in the background and I cannot stop it unless I restart the container. Has anyone had this issue? Is there a simple fix/tweak? Thank you, J
  3. Perhaps something else to add to the list, another method of parity writes? Perhaps once the full original parity is synced it can be incrementally updated? as in, if you move files from cache to array it will move it directly to the array then run a partial parity sync for the changed blocks? It may be less secure for your data if the drive fails before the parity can be written, but the performance boost might be worth it if you have nothing important (Media files that can be re-downloaded) Perhaps that mixed with multiple arrays would be even better. Just my $0.02, this may not even be possible.
  4. Ok got it thanks! Side note, if I were to create a bunch of raid 0 arrays (2 disks x 12) I would keep my 24 TB pool and still only loose 2 TB for the array. If i put 1 raid 0 as parity and the others in the array, speed should not be an issue then due to the 2x read/write speed, would it be safe to run seeing as there is parity on the raid 0's? Speeds are now 200MB/s + as you can see in the SS Edit: Paused the parity, added an iso to the cache and moved it to the array (100MB/s) Now thats still slow for raid 0 but at least it will move faster. Thanks, J
  5. So if I understand correctly, the parity disk/s are relying on the array disk to validate? I thought all this read/modify/write was ONLY happening on the parity drives.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to Unraid and I'm already hooked on it. However, the ONLY issue I have with it is the god awful slow cache to array speeds. Before I continue, I will post the machine specs and perhaps I have a bad config or something. DELL R730xd 2x E5-2660v3 10 core 20 threads (each) 20c 40t total 128GB DDR4 2133 ECC ram ( I removed 256GB as I thought it was OC ) 2x 1.92TB DELL SSD's 24x 1TB 7200 RPM DELL HDD's (Sata not SAS) Controller is PERC H730 Mini in HBA mode Cache set to enable and disk cache is also set to enable Nvidia Quadro K4000 (For plex hevc x265 codecs) The machine works great, I was using Ubuntu server and docker for my previous setup with the machine but the power draw was insane (~250/300W) and with unraid its down to ~140-200W max load. My issue is that I have all my movies/TV shows downloading via NZBget/Sonarr/Radarr and then they have to be moved from the cache to the array... at 30-50 MB/s Perhaps I'm used to the GB/s when it was in raid with Ubuntu. Is this normal? I feel like it should be able to move faster than 50 MB/s, the disk does format @ 112 MB/s with preclear plugin so I know its not a disk limitation. I know that the default write mode is read/modify/write, so I was thinking of creating a raid 0 or raid 1 with 2 of the disks and set it up as a parity disk. Raid 0 would be fast but also not safe, and raid 1 will write at 1x but have a 2x read speed so perhaps it would be faster? Any suggestions? I just feel like this machine is being under utilized for what its worth. Thank you for any help possible. J