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  1. Givie it a try, ( works for me). I'm no networking expert but the other casue is that the "default gateway" in the docker container is wrong, as far as i know that is just taken from unraid itself, not sure though. To get to you have to go through the default gateway, and if thats wrong it cant get out to the internet, this is my understanding anyway. Anyone correct me if i got this wrong.
  2. up stream DNS for lanchache is probably not set to your modem/router ip its probably not that your internet is out, it that your PC is unable to resolve DNS entries
  3. As in a previous post, you cannot use 2 DNS addresses as windows will randomly choose one of them to use, which means sometimes you pc will use the cache to fulfil the request and other times it will use your router and bypass the cache entirely.
  4. I believe it caches only twitch games, not the live streams, I watch a lot of twitch and I have never seen twitch in my access log, are you saying twitch is in your access log when you watch twitch streams?
  5. Like I said, I made a fork of the repo on github, changed what needed to be changed and then created a docker image on docker hub which I then use in unraid. If this is a bit foreign to you, I advise not breaking your cache, I won’t be responsible if I have made a mistake some ware and something goes wrong for you. I am not going to advise you to do anything as this is not my docker template and I’m not going to hijack it, this was only to hopefuly get Josh on the right track from the gettgo.
  6. looks like the new gineric build has added ssl forwarding that sniproxy has been providing in this buindle, i think this is the clash, removing the sniproxy stuff from this bundle may resolve the errors. Confirmed, i have made a fork and removed the instalation of sniproxy and some other stuff and it looks to be working fine and i can still access https websites ok. Is there any other function sniproxy provided in the build except SSL forwarding?
  7. im having the same 443 binding problem as well, halp!!!
  8. I have a modified docker container that I have crow bared filebeat into. I cant guarantee I will maintain it but it is there in docker hub under my user account if you feel brave enough to find and use it. It should autobuild any changes to base docker but may also brake. I currently use it so for the time being I will try to keep it working, but no promises. Statistics use the elk link you have linked. You will probably need to add these additional configs to unraid to get filebeats working, change as applicable - Variable - LOGSTASH_HOST - 192.168.X.X:5044 (IP to Elk
  9. Yea, from what i understand the file i have identified, edits the file you mention, and the typo causes the access_log line to be replaced with error_log so you end up with 2 error_log lines. Because the way docker works you are correct, you have to edit the 10_generic.conf file until josh.5 changes the template. Did you have to restart nginx for it to pick up the change if you were editing inside the running docker, i didn't test that far as i was editing docker files on the outside? Also, @Josh.5 does the "root" folder in the git contribute to the docker image or is it just for
  10. I finally figured out why the "hit" and "miss" have disappeared from the access log entries. I spotted 2 mistakes i think, both corrected below - Typo in "overlay\hooks\supervisord-pre.d\" "sed -i -e "s|access_log .*$|error_log /var/log/nginx/access.log;|" /etc/nginx/sites-available/10_generic.conf;" should be "sed -i -e "s|access_log .*$|access_log /var/log/nginx/access.log cachelog;|" /etc/nginx/sites-available/10_generic.conf;" I'm guessing this line is only used to format the log, with the switch in file names I'm not sure h
  11. I have most of this script working but I don't think the arguments are, it looks like the arguments are being treated as a single argument and not as individual arguments. If I echo $#, regardless of how many space separated values I put in it always comes out as 1. User Scripts plugin is version 2020.03.19