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  1. You probably didn't do Step 1 in the original post. I'll check on this. It seems to be working on my local version, but admittedly I don't parse the args, I just set them in the EXCLUDE var directly.
  2. I noticed that it isn't supported. I'm asking if things could be rejiggered so that they could be supported? It looks like the reason why it doesn't work is that your init scripts rebuild the remote entry based on dns returns already - can we get a flag to disable this behavior?
  3. Hey Binhex, Is there any chance I can get support for passing in a ovpn config with multiple remote options configured? I'd like my geolocation to be randomized within a specified range on vpn start. As it stands, if I use this kind of config, all of the extra remote options are forcibly removed from the file by your startup scripts.
  4. Can we please get LDAP authentication support? AD integration is super flaky, and there seem to be pretty mature linux solutions for using LDAP to authenticate (for samba, at least)...
  5. Here is a housekeeping script. By default just deletes empty timestamp directories. Optionally, it can delete snapshots. -a purges all snapshots -i <Comma seperated list of shares> purges the selected shares. example -i Downloads,Test1,Test2 will purge all snapshots for Downloads, Test1, and Test2. #!/bin/bash shopt -s nullglob POSITIONAL=() while [[ $# -gt 0 ]] do key="$1" case $key in -i|--include) INCLUDE="$2" shift # past argument shift # past value ;; -a|--all) ALL=YES shift ;; *) # unknown option POSITIONA
  6. Hi, this is mostly a WIP thread, but as of the first post it does work up to my relatively limited testing. I plan on expanding this to a fully featured plugin, but this script is a working foundation, and I'd like to make this available to people to play with asap. Bottom Line Up Front: This script only works on your btrfs-formatted array drives. By default, it will keep 8760 snapshots (1 year of hourly snapshots), this value can be adjusted by changing the MAX_SNAPS variable in the script. This script does not handle cache drives, but would be trivial to extend to do so - I just think i