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  1. i know this is an old topic, but has anyone gotten into this more? any further experiences? isn't also vmware esx assigning cpus dynamic? thanks in advance! d8
  2. Hi, I don't know if anyone has successfully used the lancache-bundle docker for wsus, at least I couldn't find any "how to" so could anyone please help me? what are the correct settings for the clients? or do I even need to set something? I would assume, that I have to tell the windows client where the wsus server is (?) thanks in advance! 8ertl
  3. i know, this is an old topic, but does anyone have experience with esxi 7.0? i tried to create a vm for testing on one of my unraid boxes, with the mentioned settings, but during installation i get an error that it cannot find any ethernet adapter. thx
  4. I have a quite similar issue as my previous poster. But I had Nextcloud running for quite some time now. This error just suddenly appeared (maybe with last Docker update?). Unfortunately I cannot rollback to a backup since my backup-settings were wrong and I have only one backup from "not working state". Please, help? Thanks in advance! (sry for bad english) Edit: I ended up reinstalling Nextcloud and MariaDB, now it's working again