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  1. hi @ich777, i think i have the same problem i noticed an error message right before the app-selection-screen: could that have something to do with the error? could this be a user-rights issue? to answer your questions: i have a cache drive; the appdata share is set to prefer the cache drive; in all docker templates the path points to the cache directly e.g. /mnt/cache/appdata/.. here are screenshots from the prefill-container: from lancache: and lancache-dns: please let me know if you need any more information to analyze the error, i'd love to help thank you! regards - d8
  2. hmm.. can i check this within the script? so that it runs daily, but if it sees its friday, or first day of the month, then exit? I'm not an expert, I've just copied @mgutt's backup-script (thank you!) and changed it a little thanks in advance!
  3. ok what now? does that mean, i cannot use this? neither 0 1 2-31 * 0-4,6 nor 0 1 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31 * 0,1,2,3,4,6 is working but i really would like to exclude fridays (backups of some vms from a different host roll in) and the first day of the month (monthly parity check) with this setting. any other suggestions?
  4. Hi again, so, it took me a while, but unfortunately it does not work.. is that cron setting general to complicated, to long, or can there be something wrong on my system? can I provide any additional information for analysis? thanks in advance!
  5. i will give it a try and report back thank you!
  6. Hi, thank you for this great plugin. i've been playing around with custom cron settings. unfortunately i cannot get it to run with "0 1 2-31 * 0-4,6" (run at 1:00, from 2nd to 31st day of month, each month, sun to thu and sat of week) i've used to generate this is this a bug or a feature 😘 any help will be appreciated thank you!
  7. der8ertl


    i know this is an old topic, but is there any news about nfs 4? i really don't want to run a docker (like in the workaround menationed above)
  8. so thank you again @JorgeB for the suggestion, the method seems to work and i have already rebuilt two disks with it my data seems alright
  9. danke leute für die lösungsvorschläge -> die lösung aus meinem englischen post scheint zu funktionieren, zwei disks wurden damit schon wiederhergestellt und die enthaltenen daten scheinen korrekt
  10. ich hab nicht gesagt, dass sie nicht funktioniert 😜
  11. adaptec asr-6805e die wäre jetzt günstig zu haben, falls wer interesse hat 😉
  12. ungeduldig wie ich bin hab ich auch im englischen forum gepostet: es scheint als gäbe es eine methode per rebuild von emulierten daten ich versuch das grad, geb dann noch bescheid
  13. thank you for the other thread i already tried unassigning and looking on the emulated data, it looks correct so i am now rebuilding one data disk with the method described there i will report back
  14. hello there i've already tried to search, and there are similar topics, but none fits my issue then I've also already postet in the german support section, but it seems not the right spot because nobody seems to be able to help (I'm very sorry that I'm this intrusive) here is my other post with also included diagnostics: my unraid server had a pcie sas raid card which i replaced with a sas hba, the affected disks were connected as jbod on the raid card which is to my knowledge the same as a hba does (?) now i have the problem, that all my array disks show up as "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout" what i've already tried: mount the disks with unassigned deviced plugin -> works, filesystem xfs is recognized and i can see my data xfs repair in maintenance mode with -L flag -> does find the superblock and clears a log (?), but unfortunately disks stay unmountable i've testet this prior with one single drive of the array, checked if the data is ok with "ud" plugin and started up the array, this one drive was then mountable unfortunately, after i performed the actions on the other drives, the status of them does not change and the one drive which has functioned, is now showing up as "Unmountable: not mounted" i am at the end of what i was able to find and as my knowledge of linux and therefore unraid is very limited as i am a windows user i hope that someone here can help me get my data back thanks in advance! ~d8
  15. hallo helferlein ich habe über die suchfunktion bereits ähnliche themen gefunden, jedoch passt keines auf mein problem ich habe bei meinem unraid server einen neue gebrauchte pcie hba karte eingebaut und damit eine raid karte ersetzt. die betroffenen disks waren zuvor an der raid karte im jbod modus angeschlossen, jetzt mit der haba karte gibt es ja keine einstellung sondern es werden einfach alle disks direkt ans os übergeben (denke ich) jetzt habe ich das problem dass alle meine array disks als "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout" angezeigt werden. was ich bereits versucht habe: - mount mit unassigned devices plugin: -> funktioniert, das dateisystem wird als xfs erkannt, ich kann alle daten sehen - xfs repair im maintenance mode über gui mit -L option -> keine statusveränderung, die disks bleiben (nach array stop und normal start) unmountable, erneuter test mit unassigned devices: ok ich habe diesen vorgang erst mit nur einer disk getestet, die konnte dann sogar wieder gemounted werden, also habe ich alle anderen disks gleich behandelt die erste disk wird jetzt jedoch "Unmountable: not mounted" angezeigt da ich als windoof user ein linux (und damit auch unraid) nackerpatzl bin brauche ich jetzt eure hilfe anbei noch meine diagnostics danke jetzt schon mal!! ~d8