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  1. Using zfs-2.0.0-rc4-unRAID-6.9.0-beta30.x86_64.tgz with unRaid 6.9-beta30, the /dev/zvol/<zvols-by-name> are missing (even the /dev/zvol/ folder is missing) while they appear as /dev/zd* and are fully usable, but it is exhausting to check all the /dev/zd* with fdisk to find out wich one belongs to the corresponding zvol (and for volumes with same size and disk format this problem is only solvable by try and error). Is this only a problem for me or a problem with the package? Thanks and regards. I have written a lil bash script that creats the links, yo
  2. Would it be possible for limetech (or some user with deep unraid system knowledge) to describe the way on how to set IPv6 addresses to our docker containers? I have searched and read all over the many "how ipv6+docker[unresolved]" threads in this forum and on reddit, but actualy there is not even one description to do so. Some ppl have it working, but they remain silent if asked for a step by step guide ... Regards
  3. Thx for the work, I'm on 5.9.0rc8-thor-Unraid+.NV.6.9b30.zip and zfs-2.0.0-rc2-x86_64-thor.tgz Jfyi the ZFS zpool devices in /dev/<zpool>/<poolname> are still missing.
  4. Using 5.9RC5-20200915 with zfs-2.0.0-rc1-x86_64-thor.tgz, zfs utils installed via go file. But the /dev/zvol/zvol-names/ are not created but /dev/zdN does exist and are useable - but always have to check via fdisk -l which one belongs to which one. Any ideas?
  5. Havent seen amd_energy module backported to anything yet. But dont hurry, just was thinking this would be a nice to have ;-)
  6. So, you may want to share the steps to be done to build a "newer" kernel? Currently I am on 6.9.0-beta22 and I want to build kernel 5.8 (because of amd_energy module for Zen2) with builtin ZFS. I changed source to ich777/unraid-kernel-helper:6.9.0 and added the Variable UNAME with the Value 5.8.0 Changed nVidia support to false and Build with ZFS support to true Then I create the container and start it. And then?
  7. Currently I'm testing beta22 - for performance comparison I need linux-perf-tools https://perf.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page Cant find them.
  8. Well I have misread something. Unraid is still on kernel 4.19? Which is even behind proxmox? I see this topic: One main reason I would like to have newer kernel version is SVM AVIC/IOMMU AVIC improvement in kernel 5.6 and up. Does Unraid even take advantage of that? So ... I have to take a deep think, where I will move to, with my EPYC Rome + GPU-"Cluster" + my ZFS arrays.
  9. As I said "kind of" - better the other users can read/post this community, then calling me all day long.
  10. Yes, I know that you dont offer openZFS by default. So as I understand you, it doesnt matter which license I buy to use my (50+ disks) ZFS pools? Or am I forced to get the PRO license? (Which would be some kind of paying for something I do not need (as I understand the disk limit is for your "unraid-array"))
  11. I still want to have "some kind of support" and a "full featured" webfrontend, which non-linux-gurus can handle, because I'm not the only one creating/modifing VMs/containers. I had this machine already running with a standard ubuntu etc., but the other guys werent that happy - so we went for proxmox, but - there is this proxmox-lagging behind versions. So - because of the number of disks, I would have to get the PRO license - but with that I could do what I want to - correct?
  12. Which limitations does ZFS on unraid have, depending on license? Does this 30 disk limitiation exist for ZFS too?
  13. Well I will not have an "array start" cause, as I said, I will not use your "unraid-array". Forsure I want to use ZFS on disks itself, not on an unraid-array. I'm looking for unraid because you use more up to date kernel/qemu/kvm then proxmox does. But I have a 4U 60-bay disk enclousure, and no, I do not want to virtualize a "storage VM" to get it done. So I have read that there exists some 30 disk limitation, even on the "unlimited disks"-PRO Version, which kinda confuses me, because unlimited and 30 is a huge difference. Dont get me wrong, I do not want to save money, I am w