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  1. Hi All, New to unraid, I have been using qnap, xpenology and OMV on and off over the last decade but I think I found the solution for my home nas for the next decade all things remaining equal. I recently upgraded (December 2019) my Ryzen desktop PC from 1700 to 3900x, swapped the motherboard and cooler also and extremely happy with it. I have now 1700, ROG Crosshair VI Hero x370 and Noctua cooler spare which I am thinking of building an unraid nas with and came here to get some advice for users with greater experience and experts in unraid. I have read this forum for the past couple days on issues with Rzyen so I would greatly appreciate some guidance and direction so I can make some purchasing choices. My main use-case is to store media(movies, TVshows, pictures) to stream via plex(but I have now learned of emby and may switch), store files, run docker and possible run a few vms( for testing I don't need to connect to the machine directly, access via RDP is adequate) questions below Would it be prudent to go down the Intel route rather than building with my current hardware 1700 and ROG Crosshair VI Hero x370? How stable is unraid currently with Ryzen gen 1? Are there still issues with power usage on Ryzen(want to most efficient nas I can get). Any clear concise guides, faqs on Ryzen builds? Anything else I should be taking into consideration? Appreciate your help and assistance.