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  1. I can get the containers to ping each other on the different hosts but cannot get the Telegraf container on Unraid to use the port off the InfluxDB IP address after setting up the macvlan and didn't see anything about this in the guide. Raspberry Pi - InfluxDB "NetworkSettings": { "Bridge": "", "SandboxID": "d6fc10978d69493a381b40d53fa6049198cbc439c162acf6d986fd2ebe476be5", "HairpinMode": false, "LinkLocalIPv6Address": "", "LinkLocalIPv6PrefixLen": 0, "Ports": {}, "SandboxKey": "/var/run/docker/netns/d6fc10978d69", "SecondaryIPAddresses": null, "SecondaryIPv6Addresses": null, "EndpointID": "", "Gateway": "", "GlobalIPv6Address": "", "GlobalIPv6PrefixLen": 0, "IPAddress": "", "IPPrefixLen": 0, "IPv6Gateway": "", "MacAddress": "", "Networks": { "br0": { "IPAMConfig": null, "Links": null, "Aliases": [ "b09baf1f8a30" ], "NetworkID": "9c5236ed9ad9fbecc5156564ff89114ed8990a8bf3975572e5c1eed1d35ca9f2", "EndpointID": "13e6437b36cfdf51978881946b7866b02efcbb98ae29ba81e1bc5c033d319273", "Gateway": "", "IPAddress": "", "IPPrefixLen": 24, "IPv6Gateway": "", "GlobalIPv6Address": "", "GlobalIPv6PrefixLen": 0, "MacAddress": "02:42:c0:a8:01:02", "DriverOpts": null } } } } ] Unraid - Telegraf "Networks": { "br0": { "IPAMConfig": { "IPv4Address": "" }, "Links": null, "Aliases": [ "6ca01559a554" ], "NetworkID": "c78bbfad94bca0355629fb7d6fad8bbc8f09df66485c6dd08856236c0a6c45e0", "EndpointID": "2ed2f0bb4567664aefbe8d7a6b5622a52ef927be735ffe4e627ad31519fded89", "Gateway": "", "IPAddress": "", "IPPrefixLen": 24, "IPv6Gateway": "", "GlobalIPv6Address": "", "GlobalIPv6PrefixLen": 0, "MacAddress": "02:42:c0:a8:01:ac", "DriverOpts": null } } } } ] Raspberry - just to be on the same page, I purposely named the macvlan on the rPi to "br0" and it should not be confused with the Unraid macvlan [email protected]:~/IOTstack $ docker network inspect br0 [ { "Name": "br0", "Id": "9c5236ed9ad9fbecc5156564ff89114ed8990a8bf3975572e5c1eed1d35ca9f2", "Created": "2020-05-05T21:31:03.585611491+01:00", "Scope": "local", "Driver": "macvlan", "EnableIPv6": false, "IPAM": { "Driver": "default", "Options": {}, "Config": [ { "Subnet": "", "Gateway": "", "AuxiliaryAddresses": { "raspberrypi": "" } } ] }, "Internal": false, "Attachable": false, "Ingress": false, "ConfigFrom": { "Network": "" }, "ConfigOnly": false, "Containers": { "60874181bff53b1d3599b319b9b6bd3f72e536ce07ff400f7dd32294d81373c7": { "Name": "influxdb", "EndpointID": "84b580b85f4f8c4b6af33c8b7f69a57969be59ad2629ab6d26eb969a39b7cf01", "MacAddress": "02:42:c0:a8:01:02", "IPv4Address": "", "IPv6Address": "" } }, "Options": { "parent": "eth0" }, "Labels": {} } ]
  2. My friend told me to try this out today as well, ill give it a go. I was about to mess around with the iptables but im going to attempt this first. Thanks
  3. Hello, This might be better suited for the docker containers category but I thought it'd fit here nicely too. I have a raspberry pi previous to me setting up unraid on my server. I wanted to continue using it as its already running InfluxDB. I want to add a Grafana dashboard to Unraid using Telegraf. Grafana and InfluxDB both are running on the raspberry pi. I need to understand how to get my docker containers on my unraid server to communicate with them. Is there another way instead of creating a swarm? if not, how can I open the corresponding ports in order to make my server the docker swarm manager. I'm trying to get my telegraf docker container on Unraid to communicate with the InfluxDB docker container located on the rPi. Both systems are currently using the network for the container as "host". I have already installed ufw on my raspberry pi to manage the ports needed for setting up docker swarm. I want to cut down on the total number of containers being ran on my server while using my rPi for the majority of containers that don't need to be manually started. (example: a minecraft server i would run wouldn't need to run on the rPi because its not up 24/7, only when I want it to be. Hence the difference in hosts.) In short; how caveman get docker talk to different hosts when one unraid other pie???? Any and all help is highly appreciated