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  1. Perfect, glad to know what I did is the expected method. Yeah, I'm on the default docker from the Unraid interface (ie, the one that comes here when clicking "support" for the docker). So I'd assume I'm on stable and it has the tone mapping. Regardless it definitely worked. The video I test with is horribly washed out without tone mapping when tested on my phone and has a very high bitrate so I can stress test transcoding. PS. While I have your ear, I'm trying to configure mylar3 using your image. The "support" link for that goes to the generic mylar3 page rather than a thread here
  2. Workaround: "Enable Tone mapping" with Unraid 6.9.1 and an Nvidia decoder I figured I'd write this for posterity in case anyone else wants to set it up. My System: Unraid 6.9.1 (latest stable) I3770K 32GB RAM GTX 1060 6GB Latest Jellyfin / linuxserver docker Everything worked as expected but when I "Enable Tone mapping" and then try to watch a file with HDR data I get a player error of "This client isn't compatible with the media and the server isn't sending a compatible media format." (no error when "Enable Tone mapping" is not ch
  3. Heya, yeah, but I got it going already be generating via Nitrogen. Thanks to your help on Discord the other night (Hyde here)
  4. Thanks for the reply (and docker). No, it's not necessary to run the map generator to play, but it is necessary if you want to play a fully random map. That was my goal ... large random map that my friends could explore with a server that keeps running even between logins. It's 7 hours later and it's still running so I'm going to reinstall, get it working default, then generate the map on my gaming PC, and see if I can find a way to move it to the Docker.
  5. Newb preface: this is my first game server docker of any form and my docker knowledge is limited to running a jellyfin / radarr / sonarr / etc server for a few months. Issue: 7dtd server is taking a VERY long time to do map generation (hours). Reading up it seems the map generator utilizes GPUs these days. My server does have a 1060 6gb for transcoding but I'm assuming the Steam docker doesn't have GPU access set up. My CPU on my Unraid box is a bit underwhelming (3770K). What I'm wondering: can I create the map on my gaming PC (3800x
  6. Thanks. That's exactly the info I need to put "soon" in perspective
  7. Generally speaking is there an estimate on how long until 6.9.0 hits stable? I'm relatively new (6.8.3 was my first version) around here. I just happened to decide to install my unused 1060 into my Unraid server a couple of days after the major change to getting it working on Unraid. I'm hesitant to go to the beta release but if 6.9.0 is likely a ways off from stable I may go ahead and do it. I just haven't gone through the upgrade process on Unraid yet ever and was planning to hold off on going to beta testing anything until I had gone through a stable upgrade at leas
  8. Seeing this here as well today. Seems to be something I can live with so I'm just documenting what is going on. Started with my binhex-deluge docker reporting "not available", all others showed updated (I did an update all a few days ago). Updated my linuxserver/letsencrypt to be linuxserver/swag. Restarted my server to fix a Web UI glitch where one of my CPU cores was showing 100% even though htop showed very low usage. After the restart I started up my Dockers and ... now ALL except linuxserver/swag are showing "not available" (swag was the
  9. Problem: Deluge plugin selection preferences not saving state between startup/shutdown Background: Setting up Deluge + Sonarr + Radarr for the first time (new to Unraid and Dockers, but not completely new to Linux ... console is familiar to me). I've got things running. Sonarr's happily plugging away, Deluge is downloading on command, Radarr will be next. Detail: Problem I'm seeing is that the setup I'm following needs the "label" plugin. That works fine when enabled and Sonarr is sending the labels. But whenever I restart the Deluge docker ... it comes up with the Label
  10. Necro. Sorry. I almost posted on the original thread ... https://forums.unraid.net/topic/80192-better-defaults/ but this seems the better place to take the idea forward. Coming from a long history of working on similar projects (not recently ... but as far back as working at Cobalt before they were bought by Sun). I completely agree that running Dockers/VMs as unprivileged users as well as running commands through sudo with an unprivileged admin were things I just sort of expected to find when I started with Unraid recently. There've been a couple of comments from Lime
  11. New Unraid system. Just converted my LSI 9211-8i to the IT firmware. In researching how to do that I came across various threads from 2-5 years back that state the newer LSI firmwares aren't working with TRIM and the drivers in Unraid. I'm going with the assumption I'm fine putting the SSD cache on the motherboard controller (Z78 chipset, SATA III 6Gb/s). But if that adds a noticeable load and/or lowers transfer rates I might re-wire and check to see if the LSI TRIM issue has been fixed.
  12. Ouch. That nixes this system for me then until I figure out an alternative card. Ok. Thanks. edit: found a M1015 card and a couple of fan out cables, on the way now. The reason I was originally asking was I wondered if splitting parity across 2 controllers might help with writes. But in looking at my motherboard, the onboard Z68A controller is SATA-2 so if I need to avoid the Marvell I'll be putting everything on the M1015.
  13. I'm gathering up the remaining bits to convert my previous desktop to a first Unraid server. The 2 questions I've got before ordering my last stuff: Dual NIC config: I'm hoping there's no big issue with utilizing the dual NICs on the Unraid box, 1 dedicated to my desktop PC, other going to home router for media? Dedicated link to desktop would be on a different subnet. Upgrade to 2.5Gb: My new desktop has a 2.5Gb/s ethernet port. My main use for connection to this system is going to be storing finished photos and on-going 3D projects. Possibly using