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  1. Any luck with this? I have currently been using the marthoc/deconz container but i tried the spaceinvaderone one and got the "Couldnt get API"-error. Tried to fix it but figured it was the container that tdidnt work since it worked when i switched back to Marthoc one. However, the docker stopped due to some kind of USB error. Maybe mount error or wahtever, so i tried recreating the docker but it dissapeard totally. I readded it and configured it some and got Phoscon running and it shows version and firmware but now i also get this API Key error on this contianer. I have no idea whats up with that.
  2. Hey man, I recently added a debian VM and intalled a LAMP stack. There's a way to add a Unraid share that you mount in Debian. I have a "Webhosting" folder in unraid that goes to my webservers www, kinda. See this thread, it helped me: However, i'm kinda looking at the apache/php container and the mariadb. I have them installed but havent paried them together. Havent had time to look into it. Hope it helps
  3. I got it working. Maybe because of the extension cord. Thanks ❤️
  4. ---------- EDIT I don't get it. I followed you little guide but it just doesnt work for me. The device when i use ls -l /dev/serial/by-id is ttyACM1 for me and i can start up Decons docker and log in but it shows me the stick but the firmware says Not Connected. I have tried everything ;( This is what my docker looks like.. ;( Of couse i got it working but as usual: I don't know how. I read somewhere about using an extension cord so i plugged on in and restarted Unraid, ran the command to see the port which had changed once. I changed it and restarted the docker container and then it worked. Maybe not much information but maybe it can be helpful for someone. Thanks for the guide, much appreciated! Bought Unraid today after trail ended. It's really nice and i really like it