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  1. Where did all of the LinuxServer docker templates go? Seems like they've all dropped off when I search in CA today.. Checked my other unraid box and it's also not returning results for containers..
  2. I only have a single docker container running on this machine at the moment.. so I'm assuming the delay isn't an option for me.. I am, yeah.. Is using something like autofs an option?
  3. Hey, I'm having an issue whereby it looks as if my plex docker container is firing up before an Unassigned Device NFS share is mounting upon a reboot of my unraid box. At least, this is what I assume happened. Restarting the docker resolves the issue. I'm wondering what the solution would be here, or if this is a different issue.. does anyone have a previous resolution to this, or can help out? Thanks!
  4. I didn't.. I'd already deleted the old one since I felt it was in the wrong place?
  5. Hi! I've mounted an NFS share from another NAS on my network using Unassigned Devices, and it seems to automatically then share this via SAMBA on my network. I'd prefer it not do this, as my NAS already shares the location itself.. Is there a way to disable this?
  6. Hi, I have a small machine (EliteDesk 800 G4) that I plan on using as a VM / Docker / Plex server. The machine will have an nvme SSD (512) and an SanDisk 3D SSD (1Tb). I'd like to know the ideal unRaid setup given I'll only have a couple of SSD's to use. From what I've read so far, I have a few options; 1. Both devices assigned in the Array, no parity. 2. One as a cache drive, one in the Array, no parity. 3. One as an unassigned drive, one in the Array, no parity. 4. Spare USB stick assigned to an Array, the rest as Unassigned Drives. There's other combinations of the above, but you get the gist. I'm not looking for any redundancy. What's the best approach given my needs? From what I understand, having all of the drives in the Array with no parity shouldn't cause any issues - but looking for some community recommendations if possible. The machine will mostly be used as a Plex server, but I'd like to have an Ubuntu VM and the ability to fire up an additional Docker container or two when needed. Thanks for any advice and help.