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  1. Yes, turn everything in the DevTools plugin on. Probably not all are needed, but doesn’t hurt anything to have them installed.
  2. I followed a bunch of different guides, but am terrible about documenting. I do have my bash history, so I'll put that below and try and explain. I installed all of the dev-tools plugin options and any other missing dependencies should be in the NerdTools plugin. The only one I manually installed below is bison. You may have to update the linux kernel version in the commands if you aren't on 6.8.3 (kernel 4.19.107) and then the bison package if you aren't on amd64 (note I did have to use the version of bison shown below, the newest version did not work). Worth noting that some of the make comm
  3. Not sure if anyone is still interested, but I have the Coral mini PCIE card working in the frigate docker. I had to compile the gasket and apex drivers. It’s far from elegant but I was able to run an insmod on boot in order to load the drivers. So far, so good.
  4. @DZMM Thanks for the assist! I should have known the plugin could accommodate my thoughts. Once my initial copy upload job finishes, I’ll switch to move with a 30d MinimumAge.
  5. I love the idea of this plugin and the simplicity to get it all setup and running smoothly. I greatly appreciate the work that has gone into it! One quick question: I have the upload script copying (vs moving) my libraries to a team share now. If I want to give the remote drive playback a trial, could I just delete a sample file from the /mnt/user/local/gcrypt folder? This should leave the file in the mergefs and then playback would occur via the team drive, right? I am thinking of writing a simple age-off script where files older than 30 days are removed locally (via /mnt