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  1. known problem. no known solution, other than renaming the output files which in most cases is not such a big deal.
  2. I took a look, but I am not good enough at coding for that, I'm afraid. thanks for trying.
  3. I have installed Ripper, and it works perfectly. Only issue arises when I try to rip CDs with special characters, like "æ" "ø" and "å" (I am Scandinavian). Files are not created at all, or are not created for track titles that have special characters. Any chance of getting this fixed? Really love Ripper otherwise, thanks a lot.
  4. I would like to use this script with binhex-delugevpn. I assume I primarily need to modify the two variables ${TR_TORRENT_NAME} and ${TR_TIME_LOCALTIME}. Does anyone know what they are for binhex-delugevpn? Best, Peter
  5. I am running binhex-jackett and using it with binhex-delugevpn, binhex-sonarr and binhex-radarr (thanks binhex!) I am running sonarr, radarr and jackett through the privoxy proxy generated by the delugevpn, and it seems to work fine, except for the demonoid tracker. I add the tracker by logging in and getting the cookie, and it passes testing in jackett, but when I try to add it using torznab and test, I get the msg: "No results were returned from your indexer, please check your settings." ... in both sonarr and radarr. The tracker works fine within jackett, expect for a slightly weird behavior when doing manual search using the demonoid tracker. When I set category to "Any" or "All", lots of stuff shows up including movies and tv shows, but when I try to restrict to a category, say "2000 (Movies)" no results show up. Not sure this is related to my problem with sonarr and radarr, but thought I would mention it. Thanks.