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  1. Hello, I am trying to do some C++ coding and compiling. In order to get g++ (compiler) I went through the terminal and installed it and it's dependancies. It worked fine and then I updated the container and now it's gone. I assume this is due to the lack of persistence in the container. Is the best way to have this work everytime I startup the container to alter the script? If so, is the script persistent every time I update the container or do I need to do extra work to save the script? Is there a better way to do this? Sorry - I know this is a more general container question but I'm thinking someone else had this issue very specific to the container so I thought I'd start here. Thanks!
  2. I see a few folks have commented on ProtonVPN. I was able to get it hooked up by simply dropping in the openVPN file from the ProtonVPN site. It's pretty slow - at least compared to my former torrenting solution (using an old PC with Windows and qbittorrent while running the VPN client in the background.) Both use ProtonVPN as the main VPN source, but the WIndows PC with App was about 10 times faster when tested on the Ubuntu torrent. I keep reading that port forwarding may be part of the issue. Has anyone else who follows this setup Deluge ProtonVPN and had better results, or have any general tips I may be missing?
  3. No I think I understand. A little bit more my lack of understanding of Docker and unRaid then any software issues. It's still up and running. Really good though it sometimes has streaming hiccups in the browsers, but I'm sure performance will only improve as you continue to develop it. One more question - I checked some of the stuff on the site but didn't see anything - anyway to differentiate between Videos and Photos? My less technical wife and 4 year old couldn't figure out how and neither could I. Thanks!
  4. So when I set it to automatic, it finds my "/pictures" folder without issue. It also scans the /ps/library folder (as warned in the settings). This makes sense as I am putting the files in the /mnt/user/Photos/, and that is what I have mapped to be /pictures in the Docker Settings. However when I change it from Automatic to Manual Scan of only /mnt/user/Photos/, it no longer tries to scan the "/pictures" folder, which I beileve is /mnt/user/Photos/. Should I be using the container's folders in the settings to force automatic? Does this manual function NOT search the unRaid hierarchy? Thanks.
  5. I went ahead and tried some other dockers in the meantime. However, for some reason when I removed then re-installed PhotoStructure it suddenly started working! It looks really great. I'll put some photos and videos in there and will continue to play around with it. Thanks for your quick reply - no idea what the initial problem was. Edit: I think the difference is that I turned the scan to automatic. I didn't want it scanning all the drives so I specified just the one called /mnt/user/Photos/ before. I wonder why that doesn't work?
  6. I'm having trouble getting lychee to work. I can get the app up and running. My Lychee has the following values: Host Port: 89 Host Path: /mnt/user/Photos/ PUID: 99 (matches the MariaDB) PGID: 100 (matches the MariaDB) UName: lychee PW: lychee DBase Name: lychee App Data Config: /mnt/user/appdata/lychee I had created the database earlier and used commands that were similar to how to setup the DBase for NextCloud. The app opens up but there are no photos. When I try to manually upload photos from my desktop I get ( I have no idea what the console of a browser is): If I try to import from the server using the Host Path above and forcing it to be manual, I get: I was also getting an errors like "Given path is not a directory". I tried messing around with all the settings but I cannot get it work. Diagnostics say: Diagnostics ------- Info: Latest version of PHP is 7.4 Error: '/app/lychee/public/uploads/big' is missing or has insufficient read/write privileges Error: '/app/lychee/public/uploads/medium' is missing or has insufficient read/write privileges Error: '/app/lychee/public/uploads/small' is missing or has insufficient read/write privileges Error: '/app/lychee/public/uploads/thumb' is missing or has insufficient read/write privileges Error: '/app/lychee/public/uploads/import' is missing or has insufficient read/write privileges Warning: You may experience problems when uploading a photo of large size. Take a look in the FAQ for details. Warning: Dropbox import not working. dropbox_key is empty. System Information -------------- Lychee Version (release): 4.0.8 DB Version: 4.0.8 composer install: --no-dev APP_ENV: production APP_DEBUG: false System: Linux PHP Version: 7.3 Max uploaded file size: 20M Max post size: 200M MySQL Version: 10.4.17-MariaDB-1:10.4.17+maria~bionic-log Imagick: 1 Imagick Active: 1 Imagick Version: 1802 GD Version: bundled (2.1.0 compatible) ) I spent a few hours but I'm pretty stuck. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  7. I am also having similar issues that others are having. So far: -Installed the Docker from the App Store -In the settings I asked it to manually load from one folder, namely /mnt/user/Photos -When using windows, this "Photos" folder is in the same folder as other things like "flash" -I put both movies (.mov) and photos (.jpg). For testing I only have one picture and about a dozen movies -I go to the web UI through unRaid and get to the main page. It says scanning and never changes even after a few hours (12 movies and 1 pic should be quick right?) -If I stop the scan I just get a simple page that says "Your library is currently empty" -If I rescan I still get nothing I've done about a dozen other apps that require media from other folders (Plex, Booksonic, Calibre, etc) with no issues. Any thoughts here? I thought this would be pretty easy but no clue why this won't detect my media in that single folder.
  8. Also thanks for posting this. Just logging this here for the point of logging that this seems to be a very common issue. I am also seeing this issue and I had to start and stop to eliminate it.
  9. Also looking to see if there are any updates here? I even rebuilt my entire domain from scratch to try and get this to work and it just won't work. Definitely using the right FQDN, shortname, admin account and password. Tried all sorts of AD owners and group, using the netbios prefix, etc. It will not join and the unRaid log is unhelpful.
  10. After talking to others, I went ahead and tried it and you can indeed resume the Preclear.
  11. The plugin is fantastic, thank you all for your work on creating and maintaining it. Asked this on Reddit too but maybe should have started here. Does the pause last through a reboot? I have a very long preclear going on a 14TB drive. It's about halfway done and the remote connect seems like it needs a reboot. Getting NGINX 502 Bad Gateway when I try to go into the terminal, can't update shares, etc. I think a reboot will fix. I see a pause button in the Preclear. If I do that, then reboot, can I resume upon restart? I don't want to have to start over after 20+ hours! Thanks in advance.
  12. As the title states, I am pointed at a DNS server which is also the IP of Domain Controller. I attempt to join on the SMB page. It runs for a few seconds and then it just says not connected as if I just refreshed the page. I have tried a lot of things: -Using the FQDN as part of the user login -Trying all sorts of combinations of possible login -Enabled SMB 1.0 -Checked the time between the two servers -Enabled and Disabled WSD I get no errors, and because of this, I am not sure why it just refreshes and says "Not Joined". I have read other examples of people having the same issues but they either find a simple fix that doesn't work for me, or the trail goes cold and the thread dies. Can someone suggest other ways to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks in advance