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  1. Yeah that would be great mate, thanks. Yeah so different services format the data they send in a webhook differently, so you can put /{service_name} at the end of the URL for a bunch of services to get it to work.
  2. Yeah pop that in the box, click save and it should work. There's a test button that will send a test notification through so you can check it's working okay
  3. You will need to put "/slack" at the end of the webhook URL
  4. Uh haven't written any docs on notifications, but can just help you here. What did you try to do?
  5. Haven't written any code for email notifications, so not atm. Closest you can get right now is a daily slack/discord/telegram notifications with a summary of the past 24 hours. I'm going to be re-writing the notifications for it soon though, so add a feature request as a GitHub issue so I don't forget to add emails.
  6. Pop 8763 into the server box in the general settings section and it should work. You can then click on the arrow icon next to a tests in the all tests table to make sure it's using the right one
  7. Cheers mate, that's good to hear. The laravel stuff is sound imo, but I think the react bit is pretty messy so maybe don't look to closely at that haha
  8. @mmag05 you sure you have accepted the licence agreement from wherever you are calling the binary directly? Have not had any experience with using telegraf, but have written some small scripts to send data to influxdb. Would it not be easier to write a script that checks the latest test run in the speedtest-tracker and inserts it into the db? That way you are not running any additional speedtests that won't be recorded by the docker container You can get the latest result in cli by running: php /config/www/artisan speedtest:latest
  9. Logs look normal there mate. You using compose? If so can you show us the way you're running the container. What happens when you go to the IP:port in browser? Error page or just nothing?
  10. There anything not expected in the docker logs? And could you send through /config/www/storage/logs/laravel.log
  11. Try this docker exec -it speedtest-tracker php /config/www/artisan speedtest:eula And if that does't work then try docker exec -it speedtest-tracker bash HOME=/config && /config/www/app/Bin/speedtest --accept-license --accept-gdpr Can't undertsand why it's not accepting it properly
  12. Nah container shouldn't start if the EULA var isn't set to true
  13. Weird, try doing docker exec -it speedtest-tracker rm /config/www/app/Bin/speedtest then restart the container
  14. Hmm, weird. Can you post the full output of docker logs speedtest-tracker
  15. Have you set the EULA env var? OOKLA_EULA_GDPR=true