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  1. Would it be possible to add the support and binaries for the LTO backup tape drives? lsscsi -g mt -f /dev/nst0 status tapeinfo -f /dev/nst0 stenc -f /dev/nst0 --detail mt-st -f /dev/nst0 status smartctl -a /dev/nst0 sg_logs -a /dev/nst0
  2. And boom goes to dynamite on this one. Edit: I meant USB goes to dynamite
  3. Can we actually get anyone from limetech to follow up here. It has been crickets since day one and nobody cares to address it?
  4. I created a separate topic but no formal answer from UnRaid?
  5. Any news or follow ups on this request? I was asked to post it in the right section? NADA?
  6. Install and enable XFCE in your Kali and you should be able to Remote Desktop from Windows or Linux just fine. Instructions are similar with these.
  7. I just purchased this HP 6250 LTO-6 Ultrium Internal Tape Drive and I would love to see some native backup support in UnRaid. Any options as of this moment? Thanks
  8. I hope they give us the option to opt out from the cloud / forum login? I want to be 100000000% off the grid please
  9. That's the perfect approach. After the first DD and change the label, I agree copying just the config folder with a cron job will be the way to go. Good stuff gents and thanks
  10. I guess we're on different frequencies here LOL. Here is my scenario. My primary USB boot drive sits inside my server directly on the motherboard and is the primary and licensed USB drive. If that dies and I am remote, I need the means to boot off my unRaid, remotely (via IPMI and secondary boot drive) from a secondary USB drive which is a replica of the first one, except the license. That secondary USB drive should be plugged in as well in a USB port. SO if drive1 USB dies, then I boot off the USB drive 2 which is a perfect clone, then I manage to transfer the license to it based on the Limetech process. This failure scenario is very unlikely, BUT possible so I need steps in place to be able to recover remotely. And you're absolutely wrong with this statement "making copies, mirrored or otherwise, would not work as a functional, bootable backup, as the flash drive GUIDs would not match" The system will boot just fine from the mirrored drive minus the license and the arrays being off. All you have to do is transfer the license with Limetech process and you are back up and running with the arrays online. I hope and trust we're on the same frequency in terms of scenario and what we're trying to accomplish here At least all this was tested in my end, not just assumptions
  11. I think connervt was insinuating that I am trying to copy the USB stick to re-use the same license on different box, comment for which actually I took offense but I said, Thank you if you get my gist 🙂 Unless I misread it and if that's case I will apologize in advance. I am a big boy 🙂 As for the new stick geometry they're identical the same brand same model same batch. They should have identical geometry right? That's the reason I like the DD command when you have same geometry I know my solution and you kind of touch on it. I can continue keeping the second USB plugged in and everytime I reboot I will add a startup script to unmount it. I only need this second USB in case of emergency when I am not home I can reboot them via IPMI. The unmount should do the trick. Thanks in advance
  12. I am an old school UNIX guy man. To me DD is king particularly when both USB drives are the same model, so the DD block command is very reliable. Perhaps I should rename the UNRAID label on the spare USB? Is that even possible?
  13. Conner? Conner? Anybody HOME? Are you in the right thread 🙂 The intent here wasn't to duplicate a USB and steal the license LOL. Is purely a backup mechanism USB to USB via the unix common DD Besides the DD does not replicate the USB GUID unique identifier so you must rest at peace that no license was stolen nor development hours wasted.. Nobody can boot off from a duplicated DD USB drive LOL Now back to the original question. Why this behavior? Is my intention to have a second USB plugged in (a DD mirror of the original one) so I can boot off it in case of failure or emergency. I should be able to plug in a second USB drive, DD it and not having to deal with licensing issues as per my initial post, correct? Unless someone gives me a good explanation of this strange behavior? Again this is the behavior. I plug in a second USB drive, I run the DD command to mirror it, and my license / key becomes invalid when the DD is done. WHY?
  14. Nope, this USB drive I am plugging in is brand new, formatted, no DD, no label, nothing, nada, niet, Is a VIRGIN Screenshot is taken after I started the DD command. But I can take it before just to prove it to you if I must. Same behavior in both of my unRaid's so it can't be the USB drive.