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  1. Well let's analyze this a bit, shall we, since you're taking such a strong interest into this scenario and my position on this matter. I really don't follow the "free" statement honestly. I don't expect free and that's not what I am saying. But anyway, let's say I buy a license and use it for 3 months, I am unhappy with the product or it just no longer fits my requirements, so I turn around around and sale my system which of course comes with the license. So yes to answer your question is a waste of my money if I can't turn around and recover some cost, after just 3 months of use
  2. Agree to disagree and I honestly have no dogs in this race. I am perfectly happy with what I have, I have no intentions to transfer of change ownership, but it will be a waste of my money if I no longer need unRaid and I can't re-sale or even gift it. Shoot, I can re-sale or gift just about anything else from homes, cars, boats, cameras to automation systems But again I am not here to agree or disagree, is just my personal opinion.....
  3. Here is my take A sale is a SALE. When I sale or buy a house I don't "transfer" my contacts. I change them and is called change of ownership. When I purchased my home I inherited a very nice automation system and software. It was very easy to change the contacts for support and further upgrades.
  4. What if one decides to sell the entire system to someone else? That includes the key as well, right? That's not a transfer, is a sale.
  5. Could be a shell open? That was my problem. Install Dynamix Stop Shell
  6. I will do a dry run test as suggested with the power breaker. I will unplug the Unraid so if it goes down during the test I don't have to do the parity check again. I need to plug in something to simulate a similar load. UPS batteries charge look fine so far.
  7. I have 2 identical Unraid servers with identical UPS's configured exactly the same. Last night I had a power outage and one Unraid managed to stay online and run off the UPS. The other one went down hard and I found the UPS off this morning. When I turn on the UPS the Unraid started automatically so it looks that it was not a graceful shutdown as the "parity check" just kicked in. I am really puzzled why this second UPS/Unraid behaved differently. Again config is the same, UPS battery health is 100%, can't think of anything else? Is there a way I can do UPS test from the Unraid.
  8. How is this possible when all I have is just 5400 RPM Seagate drives? Something don't add up here in terms of speed? Parity Check on 5400RPM - Average speed: 650.8 MB/sec
  9. Nice work. Can we make this script get a file or folder from a unix like system that allows ssh / scp / sftp? I need to make back-ups of some remote linux machines directories
  10. WebUI. I am doing a CLI now, docker exec -it nextcloud updater.phar So now is tuck again: root@NAS-UNRAID:~# root@NAS-UNRAID:~# docker exec -it nextcloud updater.phar Nextcloud Updater - version: v20.0.0beta4-11-g68fa0d4 Current version is 21.0.0. Update to Nextcloud 21.0.1 available. (channel: "stable") Following file will be downloaded automatically: Open changelog ↗ Steps that will be executed: [✔] Check for expected files [✔] Chec
  11. I tried to do an update and is not stuck in "Update in process" No matter what I do is stuck in the same place. Anything I can do manually to get outta this and actually complete an update? Thanks much