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  1. Yes this procedure and adding the second parity drive in step 7 worked brilliantly. Just got done with it THANKS again
  2. This week is pretty much gone with US holidays. But these are some hard questions / topics to tackle and I will be very curious with the level of openness and fairness coming from limetech. I think this may be a "make it or break it" type of deal for me and perhaps others. But at least we can have a conversation about it which is a good start.
  3. Respectfully mate, this is not our "choice" . We're being FORCED into this new options and we do not have a choice , so yes you're forcing us "to be missing out on new features, security enhancements etc". Is funny how you put it back on end users because is that much easier than listening and making such simple adjustments.
  4. The Amazon analogy is poor at best. unRaid is nothing like Amazon mate, c'mon you know that. As I said, many will argue and try to downplay this but reality that this is a bad design choice and I wish some of us can opt out without being told "you need to be signed in. Sign out afterward"
  5. Is probably because of this community does not fully understand the implication of this substantial change or they just simply don't care for their privacy. And most of the limetch folks will just downplay it. And I am sure we will hear all kinds of arguments, pro & cons arguments on the privacy and security aspects. I for one would like to stay off the grid and it will be nice to have a setting where you can toggle off the UPC from the webUI, so esthetically will look cleaner. I truly doubt that limtech will ever give us these options and probably this "strategic" move is paving the way for a subscription model. Let's not beat around the bushes here And yes I am very very bitter about this entire move. One of my purchase decision a year ago was around the ability to run and stay off the grid behind my firewalls /IPS/ IDS. Great product but not anymore.
  6. Currently have 8 disk in my NAS, 1 parity and 7 in the data array and of course few cache drives. I would like to 1. shrink my array (remove a 5TB) and 2. use the empty spot to add a second 8TB to my existing 8TB parity drive (basically 2 parity drive setup) I see there is a good procedure for shrinking the array and I was wondering if I can combine with adding the second parity drive into that procedure. Any ideas, anyone done it before? I am thinking at step 7 just assign the new 8TB as secondary parity drive into the slot of the 5TB that I just removed from the array? Would that work?
  7. Trust but verify. I disagree with most of the this but this is not the forum to prove you're wrong nor start peeling the onion on your architecture and code, or security best practice and DP/GDPR privacy regulations Policies or disclosures don't mean jack when a breach happens and my data is all over the places. Is just lawyer BS Think Ubiquity, SolarWinds, just to list a few. Again I don't want to get into arguments here.
  8. Every paying customers is entitled to an opinion and I am sure there are others that feel the same way about this intrusive feature but just prefer not to be confrontational. I am not here to say "please" mate, I am here to be direct. Most of your statements don't stand: 2. Where in my post do you see me being your representative and speaking for you all? Most of the times I say "I". It is not my intention to speak or represent anybody else. 4. I din't ask them to be grateful, I asked them to stop intruding my privacy and my security. Forcing me to connect and link to their cloud service with identifiable IP and other personal information linked in the cloud backend ( license, credit card, address, name, etc, etc) is a big NO NO in my books. Besides I would like to stay off the grid with my unRaid from the moment I downloaded my license key. That was the initial model and what they're doing now is a major paradigm switch. 6. The license should provide me with the benefit of upgrades and I expect a balanced approach to features vs security and privacy. The reality here is that they're paving the way for a subscription model which will not work without this kind of cloud ecosystem, that's all it boils down to. I don't care for subscription either but that's for the new users to worry about it. 7. Most likely I will have to hack my way around the .js files and remove it myself but I shouldn't have to do that. Why is so hard to have toggle switch and take it off the webGUI? 8. Again I am not in the business of "please" and I am not sure if I appreciate your OCD statement. Seems a bit rude and arrogant. I didn't insult anyone in my posts and I expect the same
  9. As I stated before I simply do not care for the cloud account nor the UPC options. Simply put I care too much for my security and my privacy. I feel that is being forced on us without any options or consideration for best practice security principles. I don't want to see it in my webGIU and I don't care to use it. Can you please have a switch to toggle it off the webGUI so we don't have to deal with it every time we look at our dashboard? "UPC and My Servers Plugin - [rc2] reworded The most visible new feature is located in the upper right of the webGUI header. We call this the User Profile Component, or UPC. The UPC allows a user to associate their server(s) and license key(s) with their Unraid Community forum account, also known as an account. Starting with this release, it will be necessary for a new user to either sign-in with existing forum credentials or sign-up, creating a new account via the UPC in order to download a Trial key. All key purchases and upgrades are also handled exclusively via the UPC. Signing-in provides these benefits: My Servers Dashboard - when logged into the forum a new My Servers menu item appears. Clicking this brings up a Dashboard which displays a set of tiles representing servers associated with this account. Each tile includes a link to bring up the servers webGUI on your LAN. Install the My Servers plugin to provide real-time status and other advanced features (see below). Notification of critical security-related updates. In the event a serious security vulnerability has been discovered and patched, we will send out a notification to all email addresses associated with registered servers. Posting privilege in a new set of My Servers forum boards. No more reliance on email and having to copy/paste key file URLs in order to install a license key - keys are delivered and installed automatically to your server.?:
  10. You could always cook same eggs Kidding
  11. As I keep reflecting on your answer and position I actually don't like your tone and the way you treat you customers at all. You're the opposite of humble or grateful for our business / $$$ and you show no intention to listen or to find a work around. Is pretty much my way or the high way. Business 1:1 if I may, this tone of yours, one day will karma right back at you. I think I already know the outcome of this request or conversation so I give up but not before calling you out on this as I really really DON'T LIKE IT...... Just for the record and for others to see
  12. Hmm, SNAP. I think it was like this the entire time and it worked ok. I will change it right now Thanks much