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  1. I have the same issue. I'm using Surfshark and see the config listed on the GitHub but not in the drop down for selection in the Docker config. In fact I see 55 providers listed in the GitHub list, but only 48 in the dropdown.
  2. SMH...... Finally realized what you were getting at. I must have watched the video 10 times and never picked up the that he clicks on the VMS tab and selects the Macinabox icon there, not the one in the Docker tab. All good now, sorry for the noise!
  3. So how do I actually get to view the virtual machine to run the install? In the video once you start it the menu option changes from 'Webui' to 'VNC Remote' and then you can connect to the machine to run through the install.
  4. Can't get the VNC option to appear. I've followed the video, installed the Docker container, it's run through downloading the install files just fine. I've stopped and started the array, the Macinabox docker icon is there and says it's started. But when I click on it, I only get the option for 'Webgui' which of course brings me to the video. I never get the option to to click on 'VNC remote'. Is there anything I have to install on Unraid to enable the VNC viewer? What am I missing or doing wrong?? The log file seems to suggest everything completed normally. I took the option for 'full install'