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  1. Hello, I installed this app, I've changed the logo, favicon and background, but when I restart the docker, everything goes into default. It's normal or I miss something ?
  2. Same here, i don't know how to fix it.
  3. The problem appear when i click on the import button at the bottom if this page. Apparently it's a webp problem. I have more logs, i cant post it if you want.
  4. ok so i don't understand why it doesn't work on my server...
  5. Yes I can import from other websites. I open an issue on vabene1111/recipes Github, they have no issue on this website and the problem will be on the image WEBP import. Someone could try on his docker no matter what recipe of ?
  6. Hello, When I want to import any recipe from, I have always this error Any one have a solution for this ?
  7. Is the IOMMU is needed for hardware transcoding with plex or handbrake ? I understand it was only for the passthrought. BIOS was updated at the first launch
  8. My server just crash, i recovered the log before reboot. No SSD recognized at restart.
  9. I'm a beginner in Unraid. What diagnostics and where to find them ?
  10. Bonjour, Je viens de construire mon premier serveur Unraid avec un Nvme Crucial P5 500Go et j’ai un problème, il est bien reconnu, mais après un certain temps, il se déconnecte et disparaît. Et je suis obligé de redémarrer le serveur. Donc, mon serveur n’est absolument pas stable et je ne sais pas quoi faire. Ai-je manqué quelque chose ? Ma configuration : Gigaoctet B550-DH3S AMD Ryzen 3100 GTX 1660 Super
  11. Hello, I just build my first Unraid server with a Nvme Crucial P5 500Go and i have a problem, it is well recognized but after a while it disconnects and disappears. I have to restart the server to find it. So my server is absolutely not stable and I do not know what to do. Did I miss something ? My configuration : Gigabyte B550-DH3S AMD Ryzen 3100 GTX 1660 Super