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  1. There appears to be another condition (related/unrelated?) that this applies to. As you can see in my image I have an Unmountable: No file system assigned to Disk 8 of the array (I do not want unraid to use at this time). Like everyone else here I am not able to keep this drive spun down and Unraid keeps trying to read from it as you can see from the 13 million reads. In my mind Unraid shouldn't be doing anything with this drive until a file system is created
  2. Hopefully this is the right thread for this: Potential bug with Historical Device reporting SN#s: Synopsis: Replaced 2 4TB drives for 1 16TB drive Now under Historical Devices it is reporting the 16TB drive is missing Steps to reproduce: In my case: Disk 7 had a 4TB SN# V3F9 Unassigned Device 4TB SN# F8R8 Powered system down and swapped out F8R8 for 16TB SN# TRZP Formatted SN# TRZP Once completed swapped out SN# V3F9 (Disk 7 slot) with SN# TRZP which moved V3F9 down to unassigned At some point it is now reporting SN# TRZP is missing even thou it is sitting in DISK 7 Slot. I wasn't paying attention to the various menus during this process. Thoughts: What I think is happening is when I swapped out F8R8 with TRZP during the power down it thinks TRZP was F8R8
  3. Hello; A request; 1st some days I want to try out a new app and I find it amusing when I select Random Apps 4 or more of the apps on this list I have already installed. Would it be possible to exclude any installed app from the Random list? 2nd Have a filter available to filter out any installed app on the New Apps list. This way for example if I have 2 of the newest apps installed, I will always see 24 of the newest apps I haven’t tried out yet. Thanks for your time.