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  1. Not sure if you need this info or not. After the sas-util command, the drives didn't go back to Standby as UnRaid still had them grey balled. I started use some of the drives and those went to standby after the time set in UnRaid (1hr). The others I just clicked on the grey ball in UnRaid and they went green, then after 1hr they also went to Standby. Working Great!
  2. Sure thing. Doesn't look like it is showing the controller. I have UnRaid running in a VM Proxmox now. So the controller is a LSI SAS9200-16e flashed to P20 IT mode. Happy to help any way I can. Thanks again very very much! sas-util-out
  3. Many Thanks doron and limetech for working through this. My setup is finally working. I installed the new release candidate version and .8 spindown. Started a MC session of about 1tb and went to bed. This AM all drives are in Standby properly. AT idle I am finally down below 50w on my Suoermicro 16bay JBOD. Keep up the great work.
  4. Looking forward to trying it out!
  5. So D, you got me digging deeper. I found on those drives IDLE_B=1, IDLE_C=1, and IDLE=1. So I changed those to zero. These drives are already sleeping according to Unraid, Grey Ball. Checked with SDPARM they show no additional lines as before. When I issue the commands sg_start and mdcmd they both work when checked with sdparm, also the light goes out on the supermicro drive bay. With in a few minutes the drive spins back up and the supermicro light comes back on. But they are still Grey Balled and sleeping in Unraid. Maybe the Cache directory's is not working properly. I do
  6. Did you ever find a answer to this? My proxmox is causing the same log spamming. Sure seems like a Unraid issue vs a Proxmox issue.
  7. is it safe to run that command while the array is in use?
  8. Sure, I made some changes since I sent the forum post So hopefully the logs aren't to confusing. When I had .6 installed I could see the drive standby also by the drive ready light going out. That no longer occurs. Parity drives are set to never standby as they don't seem to work correctly being netapp drives. IE no grey ball and lots of logs trying over and over to spin down. 0 and 29 I think. All others but cache are set to 1 hour. They do change to grey ball but no power savings via supermicro power consumption display. Drive ready light also stays lit o
  9. Doron, Anyway to switch bay to version .6? That version seemed to work as long as no timers were set on my Segate Exos 7 drives. The new version seems to not spindown my drives anymore. I checked with the: sdparm --command=sense /dev/sd[d-j] to check all my drives and no additional lines are sensed. Thanks in advance
  10. I stumble on a potential bug in this version. If you put a period in the ident name IE: unraid.local and reboot you are locked out of the webgui. However you can just change it back on the command line through: boot/config/ident.cfg. Then reboot and the webgui will work again. I changed mine to unraid-xxxxx instead as a workaround.
  11. Ken-Ji Thank you for this, I was struggling to mount "secure or private" nfs shares to my Proxmox storage group. This worked perfectly.