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  1. Hi. I did a little more digging and you were right. I re-started the other container and had an issue. So I got fresh config files from my VPN provider and all works great now. Thank you for your help and for your awesome containers.
  2. I am currently using 2 binhex VPN containers. This one as well as the privoxy one. I have started getting some ipv6 errors in my logs for the rtorrent container. I don't have ipv6 enabled in unraid and I am not using it anywhere. I am not getting these errors in the privoxy container and I have even tried to using the same .ovpn file for both containers just to see if it was that. Everything was working fine until yesterday as far as I could tell and I am getting no errors in the privoxy container (no v6 routes are being added in that one). Any idea what this might be? Thank you. 2021-07-28 06:41:31 WARNING: OpenVPN was configured to add an IPv6 route. However, no IPv6 has been configured for tun0, therefore the route installation may fail or may not work as expected. 2021-07-28 06:41:31 ERROR: Linux IPv6 route can't be added 2021-07-28 06:45:45 sitnl_send: rtnl: generic error (-101): Network is unreachable
  3. At first I only had the hosts local IP I added the long and now it works. I am not sure if this is correct/good practice as I am no expert in any of this. This screenshot is from windows 10
  4. Hi @binhex. Thank you That seems to have done the job for everything except the Unraid WebUI. Does that have something to do with the fact that I am using https and it has to go out and validate?
  5. Hi, I don't use jackett but i've added the ADDITIONAL_PORTS variable and I still cannot access my webuis of containers that I route through the VPN if I am using browser that is using the proxy (8118). I can't access anything that has the IP address of the host including the unraid webui. Web browsing works fine. I can access all of the webui from a browser that doesn't use the proxy. I will have to have a fresh look this weekend when I have more time; In clearly doing something wrong
  6. @binhex, please accept my apology as I go jump off a bridge for not RTFM!. Thanks for all of your great work.
  7. HI. I have been using this container for while to use a VPN for ZNC and for NZBGET. Both of the containers have the custom network type in the template Custom: container:binhex-privoxyvpn. I have added the ports of NZBGET and ZNC containers to the privoxyvpn one, I also use the privoxy part of the container and have configured Sonarr and Radarr to use the proxy on port 8118. I also have the proxy configured in windows using port 8118 for web broswing. Everything has been working great for months. However, I am running into issues now. Not sure if it is due to an update or something on my end. 1) I cannot access the nzbget or the znc webui's at all. This is in a browser going through the proxy or one that does not. ZNC seems to be running fine however as I am able to connect and chat etc. 2) radarr and sonarr have lost connectivity with nzbget (radarr and sonarr don't have the privoxyvpn network type, only the proxy port configured), 3) web browsing through the proxy in windows does not work at all. I am stumped as I have been using this with no problems for months and have not changed anything. Any ideas? Thank you for the help. Id be happy to attach any logs etc just not sure which ones are needed.
  8. I pulled the update and all seems to working great. Thx @binhex for this great container and for your work!
  9. I am having the same exact issue above. I am also using AirVPN as my provider and have the latest available container.
  10. Yes, I put in the user/pass into the template and started the container once. I then copied over my .ovpn config into the openvpn folder. I was then was able to see that the credentials.conf was created. The logs say that privoxy has started. I'll recheck everything. I just wanted to confirm that setting up the host port that way was ok. Thank you. UPDATE: I tried to use the proxy in a radarr config, and it seems to connect fine. I just can't get it to work in a web browser for some reason.
  11. Hi. Thank you for making this container. I am already running your ruTorrentVPN container w/ privoxy enabled. I would like to install this one as well in order to have another endpoint available as an option. Since the ruTorrent one is already using 8118 for privoxy, would it be sufficient to change the host port of this container to say 8119 (leaving the container port 8118) in order to get this working? I've tried that, but privoxy does not seem to be working. Thank you.
  12. Well, I figured it out. I took a closer look at the ratio.dat file and it does in fact save my changes. I even restarted the container and it the changes were maintained. I reported that it did not save incorrectly above. I loaded ruTorrent ui with another browser and lo and behold, the ratio groups were there with my changes. When i went into my original browser (firefox) it did not have the changes. I reloaded the page without cage and it worked. So this appears perhaps to have been a browser cache issue more than anything. apologies for the confusion.
  13. I am not sure which log I should be looking at, nor where it is stored, to be honest
  14. it does not seem to change the files when I make changes to the ui.