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  1. Does the non standard port for the container need to match the SRV record port on cloudflare?
  2. Is there anyway to setup this container to utilize cloudflare proxied IPs? I want to setup expose this to the internet but I want it accessible through Minecraft.domain.com and not my home IP
  3. Is anyone having issues setting up radarr with nzbhydra? I was able to setup lidarr and sonarr just fine but when I try to save my radarr setup I am getting this error: Error: The requested operation requires an element of type 'Number', but the target element has type 'String'. Unexpected error: Radarrv3 returned error message: The requested operation requires an element of type 'Number', but the target element has type 'String'. I am assuming from the error that my categories in radarr are wrong. I have tried to add a category 2000 in radarr but that didn't help. Does
  4. What do you have set for network in the docker container? If you right click on the container does it show webui as an option? If network is set to none it wont populate the option to launch the webui and that would explain why your other containers cannot connect to hydra
  5. Am I able to preserve the rest of my data or will I need to start from scratch?
  6. Due to some constraints I built my unraid server without a parity drive. I just got purchased 2 new drives and now I want to install them and make 1 a parity drive. All of my server bays were previously full so I was unable to integrate the drives into the array without replacing them first. How do I integrate these new drives into the array without an existing parity drive? Is this possible to do or am I stuck rebuilding with a new configuration? The 2 newly installed drives are currently running through the pre-clear process.
  7. How would I go about resetting the admin password for Organizrv2?
  8. Sorry, just saw that is was set to bridge from the image
  9. Make sure your network for the deluge container is set to bridge. If it is set to none then you won't see a webUI
  10. If you are using version 1.3.5 of deluge for Windows 10 the it wont work. You need to go to here to download the unofficial deluge 2.0 installer in order for it to work.
  11. How would I run this container together with Krusdader with them being on the same port? I tried to specify a different port before I installed makeMKV but when I open the MKV UI I get greeted with the krusader screen.
  12. That's awesome, thanks for the help. I have it working now!
  13. I'm on winblows, as far as I can tell 1.3.15 is the latest version available.
  14. Sorry if it wasn't clear on my post. From what I've read and experienced you cannot use deluge for windows v1.3.15 to remote connect to deluge 2.x which is what the delugevpn container runs. Hopefully I am wrong in this and I am just change a config somewhere
  15. I am having an issue. I am running deluge 1.3.15 for windows on my local client and binhex-delugevpn container on unraid. I am trying to figure out a way to create torrents to and direct them to my container. How are people accomplishing this if 1.3.15 and 2.0 versions aren't compatible for remote setup?