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  1. Hi - I currently am running a Super Micro X11SAE-M with a very modest Core i3 and 8Gb of Ram. I would like to start using my unraid server for BlueIris and HomeAssitant. How should I upgrade my Mobo and CPU - Would adding something like a E3-1280V6 be worthwhile ? I need to check on compatibility since my board states it Supports: E3-1200 v5/v6. Adding a RAM is a no brainier. Any info is appreciated! FSCHRIS
  2. Fixed ! Updated the Community Apps Plugin
  3. When I look at my apps Tab i get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'endif' (T_ENDIF), expecting end of file in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/DefaultPageLayout.php(520) : eval()'d code on line 1424 Any Ideas?
  4. sweet thank you.. xfs it is. sadly i had old disk still resirfs that im in process of changing.
  5. Hi Fellow UnRaiders... I recently added a new 12 TB drive for a partity drive. That was compelted no issues. The old disk I was using as parity I want to add back in as a data drive. So I stopped array and added it. I wanted to make sure it is formatted as "XFS" but did not get that option - I see the drive clearing as it should. When it is done will it be set as XFS? Right now the FS says "AUTO". Thanks!
  6. I have done some research... I guess this is 'somewhat well documented" lol
  7. its been in for a few month ( almost year.) it is keyed so dont think i plugged in wrong. The adapter was a standard molex so not sure! I am curios now as I know that the only to power the drive was to use that adapter. something about the 3.3v pin or something. i guess i will do some reading about it
  8. I guess this is dead...filled entire room with smoke and the fire alarms were going off in the house. Bought this from a HDD refurbish place on ebay last march. Prob not under warranty.
  9. Wow, its like a whole new world. I have installed the APP.
  10. I went to the Apps section and did a search for 'unbalance' and nothing is found ?
  11. I am a really not doing this right! Okay - tell me how to fix this. I had a 2TB drive.... I copied all the data to another drive. I then removed that 2TB installed a 10TB hard drive, did a preclear and fired it back up. Now it seems like it is doing a parity rebuild and putting the data back on the new 10TB hd and it is formatted as 'resirfs' which is why I moved all the data off the 2 TB drive. I am trying to fix that ( format and change FS). So am I know going to have duplicate data ? I already copied the data from the 2TB to another Hardrive. It seems like now the data is be
  12. trurl - this is partly my fault. my original post i was just going to move the files and shring the array. I decieded to replace the drive witha nice 10TB drive after I moved the files from it. So I removed the 2tB drive from the sever and I am running preclear on the 10TB. I guess when I am done with pre clear I will add the 10tb back into array and run a parity.
  13. Okay I have a follow up question - After I moved all the data from one drive to another. Do I need to re run parity ? I plan to just take out the drive I emptied and install a new 10TB drive. I will need to preclear this new disk and then add to the array where I have removed my puny 2TB drive. ( I have a 10TB Parity Drive).