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  1. I'm finally getting around to updating and getting things working again after the tightening. I've followed the stickied post and spent hours in the FAQ trying to get this working, but I can not get other docker web GUIs to load. b-delugevpn settings: Lan Network is correct and been verified using the tool in Q4 on FAQ. I followed SpaceInvader One's video on routing through deluge and when typing "curl" in each of the container's consoles I'm getting the IP from the vpn. Radarr's configuration: As you can see the extra parameters a
  2. This thread is a godsend honestly. When I search for Unraid and Home Assistant all results are from 2 years ago. Anyway, I used to have digiblur's hassio supervisor running and when it ran, it was great. Like you, I've had to restart it and add the letter in the description to get it working again. Sometimes I'd have to completely reinstall, and that got monotonous so about 3 months ago I deleted it all and every sensor box and LED strip sat dormant. Today I have some time so I'm trying to get it running on Unraid again to no avail. Simply adding the hassio_supervisor docker doesn'