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  1. I meant the advanced slider in the upper right corner.
  2. Look at the advanced docker parameters. Its a little toggle upper right hand side when u edit the docker. Then u will see the line you need to change.
  3. Super slow download speeds with PIA enabled. So I weathered the next-gen pia server fiasco and thought it would be great now that bihnexx got deluge to work with the new servers. However since getting myself setup with the next-gen servers my download speeds are total garbage. Is PIA still messed up or is it the docker container? With vpn enabled in the docker I download at 210kib/s. It takes days to get a download a that speed. PIA has not responded to my support tickets so am looking to you all for help. SHould i ditch PIA if so what other VPN services are there that are trusted by th
  4. How do I get it to save 5% disk space then? And what happens if the seasons of a TV show grow bigger than the capacity of the disk? Should I manually move data using krusader from disk 6 to disk 7?
  5. my tv share it top three my movie share is top two
  6. I get warnings that the disk space on one of my disks is getting low. Shouldn't it just write to the next disk? Share settings: My allocation method is Highwater I have no minimum free space amount designated. Why is it still writing to disk 6? There are plenty of other disks in the array with tons of space?
  7. All of a sudden not taking the default pw. Anyone noticed this or know how to fix it? I even applied the update and it still wont let me log into the web ui. I never changed the default pw but now it is not recognizing.
  8. I did to 2.0.4dev38 and it wasnt working, but then BAM!!! Now it works so not sure why it was being so stubborn. I would like to say thanks to @Binhex. I appreciate your hard work and endless hours making sure idiots like me can use the dockers without issue.
  9. I am still unable to get deluge to connect using pia and the nex-gen openvpn files. Is there another change I have to make? I thought it was delete the old gen files and replace with the nex-gen cert files amd open vpn location file.
  10. Looks like they are still working on an Open VPN script.
  11. Hey all so with the recent PIA issues that have been reported I have disabled the vpn in binhex-delugevpn docker. But my speeds are sooo slow. Port forwarding is still enabled. I know that disabling the port forwarding would slow things down but it is enabled. I am not sure why it is sooo slow all of a sudden. I am not sure what logs to post in order to help you all help me.
  12. Running binhex-delugevpn docker I am trying to use pia for vpn and it will not connect to webUI In the logs i see, [warn] Exit code '52' from curl != 0 or no response body received I have tried multiple vpn sites all on the approved port forwarding list and get the same response every time. Any help would be appreciated. ErrorWarningSystemArrayLogin 2020-09-08 15:11:33,378 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [warn] Unable to load iptable_mangle module, you will not be able to connect to the applications Web UI or Privoxy outside of your LAN [info]
  13. Cannot access the webUI no matter what I do? It was working perfect, I updated and now it will not connect at all to the webUI. With or without VPN enabled no luck. Any ideas or helpful hints?
  14. Updated to latest qbittorrent now unable to connect to webUI. I changed nothing in the config just updated to latest version. I am using pia and tried to turn off vpn and still unable to connect to the WebUI. It was working but all of a sudden I cannot connect to it either with or without vpn enabled. I also noticed that remote torrent adder is unable to contact my server. I have a exception added to my bit torrent application for online threat prevention. Is anyone else having issues with the latest update? Any ideas on how to fix this issue? I see this in the logs not sure wha
  15. I am just wondering if there is an app or plugin for monitoring controller card temps.