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  1. So is there a way to remove files from the cache drive in Crusader? When i go to the drive there are no files listed in Crusader but there are files on the Drive.
  2. HOlY CRAP I GET IT!!!!!! Thanks for helping me to understand!!!
  3. Yeah but i want to tell it to save to /mnt/user/Downloads/Incomplete
  4. I need to change the container path to the same path as the host right?
  5. So in the qbittorrent docker the host path is mnt/user/Downloads/Incomplete the Container Path is /data Is this what you are asking for?
  6. I have read the article and I believe that my containers are pointed to the proper location for downloads to go. /mnt/user/Downloads/Incomplete and in the webui for qbittorrent I have the default path set as the same path.
  7. First thanks for all your support on this twisting turning adventure that is UnRaid. I recently got qbittorent to work and it dowloads and seeds from my cache drive atm. I then manually move the files to the shares using smb. I noticed today that a TV Shows folder is on my cache drive with two episodes of a show I downloaded, not sure how it got there but I cannot seem to remove it. I navigated to the cache drive in Krusader and no files even appear there. Is there some thing I have to enable to allow me to remove files directly from my cache drive?
  8. I am running into something strange now that I have remote torrent adder sending torrents to my qbittorrent web gui on my unraid server. I changed the save path to: /mnt/user/Downloads/Incomplete, it starts to download but then tapers off in speed till it stalls out about 5 seconds. If I change it back to the default location /config/qbittorent/downloads it starts up and grabs it in mere minutes. I am not sure what is wrong here and why changing it to save to the share i want is killing it from downloading. Anyone seen this before?
  9. Ok so what is the difference between a share that is public and a SMB share? I can see my shares in windows file expolrer under network but I havent created them under the SMB section of UnRaid.
  10. Worked a charm thankyou, I knew there had to be an easy button somewhere!!!!
  11. Is there a way to browse torrent sites and download torrents in Unraid like I used to do in Windows? I would go to my sites and grab what i wanted click on the file and qBitTorrent would just start downloading it. It seems that for that to happen in unraid if it even can happen I would have to run a windows VM. Is there no way to do it without trying to get sonarr and radarr and jacket and yada yada dockers set up?
  12. So if i set up jackett and radarr and sonarr with qbittorrent can I have it download to a share called downloads on my cache drive then manually move them to their respective shares Movies and TVShows using Krusader onto the array. I would rather just seed back from the cache drive until 1:1 is met and then delete from cache drive. I dont really want the downloads on my array and I am not really downloading all that much. Or would it be better to have a unassigned drive to download to and seed from?
  13. Ok thanks for confirmation, I will stop freaking out now.
  14. I am running parity for the first time and not doing anything else while it does this. I awoke this morning to see parity is still running but there was a red error notification from 00:20 stating [Notice MediaHog] - array health report [FAIL] I looked at he logs but could find nothing more. I then went to the Archived Notifications tool and found this, see attached pic. Is it failing because parity isn't complete yet? mediahog-diagnostics-20200803-0618.zip
  15. Got it, don't call parity a backup cause it isn't technically a backup but it will allow you to recover data in the event of a disk failure. So more of a fail safe i suppose rather than a true backup. I am not that unfamiliar with computers believe it or not. I am however unfamiliar with UnRaid as an OS and haven't had much use for Linux in my day to day activities. I do appreciate your help with fixing my issue today, Thankyou.