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  1. The updated Linux kernel of the 6.9 beta seems to have fixed the sensors for me - k10temp is still used but it has more sensors.
  2. VFIO-PCI CFG (to my limited knowledge) is a plugin which binds devices at bootup in a way which enables them to be selected as PCI devices in the gui VM editor. it's actually built-in to the devices list on unraid 6.9.0 - the check boxes and configuration options on the devices list page are what the plugin did in 6.8.
  3. Nope sorry, this is my first foray into running any kind of serious virtualization. FWIW most of the guides I've followed are for the 10xx cards and they seem to be pretty much the same as the 2080ti, with the exception of there being 4 devices on the card, not 2. I used VFIO-PCI CFG to bind all 4 devices so I can select the extra 2 devices (usb stuff) in the VM GUI config. I should also note that none of this works for me on 6.8.3, I'm running 6.9.0-beta25.
  4. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for this, this worked great on my R5-3600/X570/2080ti machine, with a Gigabyte AORUS mini-itx board. EDIT: Also should note that it only works on Unraid 6.9.0-beta25, I tried 6.8.3 and Unraid crashes when I start the VM. Cheers!
  5. Ah nice catch - I'll switch to that one. Cheers!
  6. Thanks for the reply. Looks like the container came with an extra parameter: --restart=always I'm not sure exactly why the flag causes the container to start in the first place, but removing that flag solved my problem.
  7. Does anyone know why the Factorio docker container starts automatically with the array even though auto-start is disabled?