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  1. Hi i have lot of sqlite database corruption. Should i update to 6.8?
  2. ok im not sure where i need to add this -dconvert=raid0 -mconvert=raid1
  3. yes so ii got it to work now but it only shows 240gb and not 480gb.
  4. i have already tried to set the original drive back but it shows the same error. homeserver01-diagnostics-20191121-1826.zip
  5. the origiinal cache drive was xfs
  6. Hi i have addet a second cache drive and now i get this error.
  7. Hi guys if got the problem that windows is showing standard gateway not available. The problem is only in the VM. I can rdp into it. edit: I can also ping my gateway. Also sometimes its working normal for a few min.
  8. uff do you know a other way to check the stats?