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  1. I thought of that, but it works using the internal ip (192.,168.x.x:30000), it's when I try the external url that it throws a fit. Just curious on what it could be, I have a feeling it's something to do with CloudFlare.
  2. Thanks for the docker! But I'm having an issue, hope someone can help me. For some reason, the WebSocket connections are not being handled/done, they have a 400 error code. I'm using CloudFlare, in case it helps. Thanks!
  3. Hello, all. Every now and then ACPI processes take over the server, making it slow and in some cases unresponsive. Only a restart will fix this. Any idea on how to NOT have those processes start or how to kill them? Thanks!
  4. I have the same issue... Is it normal that it isn't asking for a path for the /config folder?