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  1. Vr2lo, looks like I am kinda screwed on this one. My APC ups is new enough it uses "Microlink" technology and won't talk to much of anything except APC drivers. I guess I could load them into unraid, but it seems like a giant pain for little reward. Anyone want to trade a SMX3000RMLV2UNC for an eaton 5PX/SX or 9PX/SX 1500 or greater?
  2. so I have tried two different methods of connections. An AP940-0625A connected from the serial port and USB A to USB B. I can't seem to get either to work. My older SMT1500 worked just fine. When the new one is hooked up via USB to windows or Linux, it shows USB-HID connected. I have verified both ports, serial or USB work correctly on windows. I really can't understand why this isn't working over anything on UnRAID. My suspicion is something isn't right on the USB driver. However, I don't have a clue why the serial doesn't work. I just tried SNMP and I do have that wo
  3. so mine doesn't say refreshing, mine just states lost communication. I have verified that the UPS works fine over USB to windows, and I have been able to update it over the APC AP940-0625A cable. I now have both the serial (AP940-0625A) plugged into the serial port on my server and the USB plugged in as well. I have now tried UPSCABLE = Smart / UPSTYPE = MODBUS / PORT=/dev/ttyS0, UPSCABLE = USB / UPSTYPE = USB and UPSCABLE = USB / UPSTYPE = MODBUS. None seem to work. When I have it set to UPSCABLE = Smart / UPSTYPE = MODBUS / PORT=/dev/ttyS0 and run apctest I get the fol
  4. May be getting somewhere now. When I plug in the UPS, I get the following message in the log. Jan 27 19:51:16 Beast kernel: usbhid 3-2:1.0: can't add hid device: -71 Jan 27 19:51:16 Beast kernel: usbhid: probe of 3-2:1.0 failed with error -71 Any ideas? Is this the issue?
  5. Hello All, When I plug in my new UPS (APC SMX3000RMLV2UNC), I get the messages below in the log file. I cannot configure apcupsd to use it. Any suggestions? I have tried both sets of USB ports on the server. USB cable works properly on windows. I have updated the firmware of the UPS to the most current. Jan 27 20:05:15 Beast kernel: usb 3-11: USB disconnect, device number 7 Jan 27 20:05:16 Beast kernel: usb 3-11: new full-speed USB device number 8 using xhci_hcd Jan 27 20:05:17 Beast kernel: usbhid 3-11:1.0: can't add hid device: -71 Jan 27 20:05:17 Beast kernel: usb
  6. That was false, not working at all.
  7. Another small detail, seems to be partially working. My "lost communications" alerts include my name for the UPS
  8. so, I can ssh to it from my unraid server and modbus & snmp are enabled. https, snmpv3 are also enabled. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. none of the apcupsd, apcaccess nor apctest seem to work, no matter what the settings. How can I manually test the hid device on USB or Powerchute (PCnet)?
  9. Hello, I have an SPC Smart UPS X 3000, and I can't seem to get UnRAID to see the UPS. My previous old APC SMT1500 worked fine, but I can't get my new one talking. I have tried over the network and over USB. Is there a manual console walkthrough I could follow to establish the device. I have found that it's usb Bus 3, Device 2. But I'm stuck at determining which /dev/?? it would be or how I could talk to it to verify operation like over putty.
  10. Well, apparently not having a fan in FANA or hiding FANA was the issue. Now everything is working well.
  11. OK, got everything close to working, however, I'm missing my ABC fans on my Supermicro X10 motherboard. It's just showing the 1234. Can I just add the lines to the fan.cfg? Can I get it to detect them? Thanks for your time.
  12. any recommendations for editing smb-extra.conf to see the snapshots as shadow copies in windows? My snapshots look like %PoolName/%dataset@autosnap_%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S_%snaptype with %snaptype being daily, weekly, hourly, or frequently. I tried shadow: format = autosnap_%Y-%m-%d_%H:%M:%S any help would be greatly appriciated.
  13. Just FYI, I think I was having a similar issue to Marshalleq. On RC2, when I stopped the unRAID array, which stopped my VM, restarted the unraid array and attempted to restart my VM, it would hang the VM management page (white bottom, no uptime in unraid) and then if you attempted to reboot, it would not reboot successfully. You would have to reset the machine to reboot. However, with RC4, everything seems to be working correctly.
  14. What's different between RC2-RC4?
  15. the rm -rf mounting point got it. Thanks again!
  16. I'm having issues deleting a Pool and it's datasets. After several reboots, I was able to destroy the datasets, but I cannot destroy or export the pool. I always receive "the pool is busy". Neither iostat or lsof show activity. It seems something touches it at boot, and then ever again. Is there a way to unset the busy flag or does it have a timeout or??
  17. First, thanks to @steini84 for creating this plugin, I wouldn't be on Unraid without it. They should put you on the payroll. 2nd, one of the things I had and liked in Freenas was a daily report on the SMART tests of my array, as well as a pool report. Freenas, I think, scheduled the smart tests itself, and I am working on a script to schedule the long SMART test by ZFS pool, rather than all of the drives. However, I took edgarsuit's which spits out a HTML email containing the smart report and Pool reports, and modified it work on Unraid and handle SSDs a bit better. I
  18. So, following the guide off of Level 1 techs, I am sure I have messed something up or missed a step. I was setting up automatic snapshots, and I was able to make the install, but I don't know what command to run to install the zfs-auto-snapshots. I honestly assumed it installed, but now I am doubting that. I am getting a message frequently of Oct 5 07:11:11 Beast crond[3324]: failed parsing crontab for user root: PATH="/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin" I am also emailed Console and webGui login account Oct 4, 2020, 7:15 PM (14 hours ago) /bin/sh: root: command n
  19. Hello, recent convert from FreeNAS. In FreeNAS, every morning, I got a SMART report that showed a synopsis of the info polled from the drives. I liked to see it to see if my drives were getting hot due to lack of airflow or similar. An example of the synopsis from the top is seen below. +------+------------------+----+-----+-----+-----+-------+-------+--------+------+----------+------+-------+----+ |Device|Serial |Temp|Power|Start|Spin |ReAlloc|Current|Offline |Seek |Total |High |Command|Last| | |Number | |On |Stop |Retry|Sectors|Pending|Uncorrec|Errors|Seeks |Fly |Timeout|Test|
  20. I don't see the config button on the Fan Control page. I have updated my motherboard since the plugin was originally installed. However, I uninstalled the plugin and deleted /boot/config/plugins/ipmi/ dir & files. When I turn Fan Control on, the profile Full is selected and my fans go full speed and don't throttle down as much as I like. Normally I run on the Standard mode and it's pretty tolerable. Any ideas?
  21. Also of note, not shares show up at all. So, not sure what's going on. I did extend my trial, do you think this has anything to do with my issue?
  22. I'm sure I am moronic and missing something obvious. But how would I create a share with my ZFS arrays? symlink on a disk? or should it be zfs set sharesmb=on POOLNAME If so, I am getting root@Tower:/mnt/SixteenMirror# zfs set sharesmb=on SixteenMirror cannot share 'SixteenMirror: system error': smb add share failed cannot share 'SixteenMirror/Docker: system error': smb add share failed I have already set permissions & owner for /mnt/SixteenMirror by running the following root@Tower:/mnt/SixteenMirror# chmod -R 775 /mnt/SixteenMirror root@Tower
  23. If someone wants to answer this, that's awesome, otherwise, I got this to achieve the same goal by running zpool import -f POOLNAME zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/POOLNAME POOLNAME
  24. I have two pools from FreeNAS I want to import to /mnt/POOLNAME what is the correct syntax? zpool import -f -m /mnt/POOLNAME POOLNAME or zpool import -f POOLNAME -m /mnt/POOLNAME or zpool import -f -m /mnt/POOLNAME POOLNAME
  25. Not Sure if this is the best place to post this or not. I am currently running FreeNAS 11.3 and am planning on moving to UnRAID for the better VM and docker support. Currently in FreeNAS I have three pools, the boot drive, a mirrored SSD set I used for a VM and my 8 x 4TB WD Red Z2 pool. Once on Unraid, I still want my main storage pool as ZFS Z2. However, I don't want to risk any Data loss during the transition. My loose plan is to sync all data to either a pair of mirrored Seagate Exos X16 16TB drives or copy the data to the two drives with them mounted as regular drives. Then once run