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  1. You have saved me from a sleepless night - many thanks!! It seems that all is ok, also no changes to my data. But will check tomorrow in detail. I was afraid to reboot and maybe no possibility anymore to get access to the system. Puh.... Thanks again!!!
  2. Hello, accidentally I did this in the console Instead of this ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ Just wanted to change permissions in one folder and subfolders in the current directory (nginx www) but overseen the / I have typed by mistake. I don't know what was really changed, it also says permission denied for a lot of folders. Is there any possibility to check this easily? Unraid says now "blacklisted" where I normally See "Unraid Plus". Web Terminal not working, No Log by web gui, every time I enter the URL I get a Login mask with "Set your password". I think I killed it... any Idea to fix this?! ๐Ÿ˜ข Please help!
  3. Yes, that's the case, but what was nothing which bothered me. I just accepted it. It is more confusing and not ideal that we have to tweak the backups when upgrading to the new version. I will look now for the "fix", hope it will work. But what is about the old backup states in the chain? Will the cleanup work, I mean, the old backups before the last one are not moved to the new place. Edit: I moved the latest backup as suggested and then wanted to have a look if the script do the cleanup in the correct way, but the log is not complete. I backup 2 folders in this job, I can only see the details of the second folder backup, for example which backup states were deleted and which ones were preserved.
  4. OK, thanks but is it not possible to change the script instead? I don't understand why it is not 100% compatible to the old version - was that not possible?
  5. Thanks for the latest version, but in my understanding the existing "backup chain" should still be used with the new version - is that correct? So far I used version 0.6 and updated one backup job with the new script for a test and now it looks like the backup chain will be re-created (like a new initial backup) and ate a lot of additional space. If I change every job to the new script my backup disk will be full before all the jobs end. Do I something wrong? Please let me know. Many thanks!
  6. I am in contact with the developer on a regular basis and he let me know to check all these settings and compare with the docker-compose. That's the reason why I compared it. OK, so I will stop PP, do a backup, change the config -> then update it and restart and cross my fingers. Thanks for your support - I hope it will run without any troubles...
  7. OK, so I have to compare the complete template with the newest docker-compose from PP to edit, add and maybe delete some settings. For example "PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_FILTER" is no more part of the docker-compose - so just delete it in the template or will it corrupt anything? This setting is integrated in the gui of PP in the meantime.
  8. No, not all, for example UID and GID. And others are no more available in the newest Docker compose. Please have a look here: I am just not sure what will happen if I update the docker container with a new image.
  9. I used your PhotoPrism App to get the PhotoPrism as Docker configured in my unRaid. Works like a charm. With the newest Release all the variables were changed in the config and have a prefix PHOTOPRISM_. Do I need to edit the complete config manually or did you already update the app that I can skip this? Until now there was no update available from your app, so I presume I have to edit the config manually - correct?
  10. The link on the apps page? It's just a link to the thread here. I can understand that you don't want to explain things in detail for what a documentation is existing - but maybe you can give me a link to what I am searching for Thanks!
  11. Can I just delete it with rm "-" -r or how to proceed? I am a little bit nervous to destroy anything...
  12. Just to be sure, I need a BTRFS formatted external hard disk that it works correctly (hard links, inodes, etc) - right? Yesterday I had the idea to map my external disk (connected to my W10 machine, NTFS formatted and Bitlocker encrypted) to Unraid and use your script to make a backup copy which I want to store in my office.
  13. The problem is that the field to enter the script is not enabled, I cannot enter anything? What I am doing wrong?