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  1. The link on the apps page? It's just a link to the thread here. I can understand that you don't want to explain things in detail for what a documentation is existing - but maybe you can give me a link to what I am searching for Thanks!
  2. Can I just delete it with rm "-" -r or how to proceed? I am a little bit nervous to destroy anything...
  3. Just to be sure, I need a BTRFS formatted external hard disk that it works correctly (hard links, inodes, etc) - right? Yesterday I had the idea to map my external disk (connected to my W10 machine, NTFS formatted and Bitlocker encrypted) to Unraid and use your script to make a backup copy which I want to store in my office.
  4. The problem is that the field to enter the script is not enabled, I cannot enter anything? What I am doing wrong?
  5. And when not on 6.9? I am still on 6.8 and the disk is "green" and still runs. I will probably update at the weekend to 6.9, but nevertheless I am interested how the behavior is on 6.8. Another question: How can I update the user script for a device in the plugin? It would be very cool to set the Rsync-Backup script here that the backup will be started automatically as soon as the hard disk is connected and mounted.
  6. Oh, maybe so easy 🙂 Thank you! I already installed it in the morning. The plugin uses the same spin down timer as Unraid, correct?
  7. Thanks for this wonderful plugin! I have one question: I use the rsync backup script from mgutt to copy all my data to my WD 12 TB external hdd. Should the UD plugin send the external disk to sleep when not used? Mine is running all the time.
  8. Any idea how to send the external backup hard disk to stand by when no backup is running?
  9. No problem, I will check this as soon as I did add the first backups within AppData. How this works now is really brilliant. I just thinking about how to do a second copy which I save in the office and refresh every week with a new backup. Probably the easiest one is to create 2 more scripts that will copy the data to the second and third external drive. Same config, just another target path and manually started.
  10. That is clear I did the same, but the problem is that other users have no NTFS permissions for your profile folder. I always use advanced sharing, maybe the easier sharing option also sets NTFS permissions. Not sure. Never used it the last years. EDIT: Yes, tested it: NTFS permissions are automatically set with the easier sharing option. I will create a group, add the Unraid-Backup-User to the group and give the permissions to the group. Then I am flexible if I want to change anything for the user accounts... It's always best practice to use groups.
  11. Another question... how did you solve it that your Backup user can access your Windows profile and things like desktop, documents, etc? Did you add the user to the admin group? Add NTFS read permissions for the profile folder? All not ideal...
  12. Awesome! Works like a charm! I will setup another one with another port for my wife's desktop and we are done Many thanks! 😄