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  1. @Squid Am I right in my thinking? I should be good to proceed?
  2. Ok I was able to to simply copy the contents of my backup to the new drive and it booted this time. The reason I thought it had to be a zip is because the Unraid Flash Creator required a local zip in order to work, I didnt realize I could just copy it over myself. It seems to have booted up correctly and I was able to transfer my licence key over. I now just need to assign my drives and start the array. The message saying "All existing data on this device will be overwritten when the array is started" is normal correct? As long as I assign the drives the way they were before (using Disk_assignments.txt) Unraid will just re-create the parity again and no data will be lost?
  3. My flash drive has given up on me and I'm having some issues replacing it. My only backup is pretty old and for some reason is already unzipped. I have tried zipping it back up and making it boot-able but its not being recognized as a boot-able device when I attempt to use it. Within the backup files I see config files and the disk_assignment.txt. Would the best course of action be to fresh install Unraid and somehow use those files to get me back up and running? If so how can I go about doing that?
  4. I finally got around to fixing Sonarr and Radarr after the recent iptables update. However I'm still having trouble getting the FireFox extension Torrent Control (similar to delugesiphon on chrome) to work anymore. I'm using it on my normal desktop computer with a DHCP assigned IP address without a port number so I cant just add the port to the "VPN_INPUT_PORTS" variable in the template like I did for the others. Do I need to change the deluge server address setting in the extension on top of any other changes in the template?
  5. Yes this has been the case from at least 6.8 through to the current 6.9.1. If you change the network type to "none" and then add "--net=container:<ContainerName>" to extra parameters in order to route it though a different container it removes the "WebUI" option from the context menu. Everything else works fine but its just incredibly annoying accessing containers setup this way.
  6. There's a small typo in the description after the recent name change. Instead of "Tandoor" it says "Tanmdoor". Obviously not a big deal but thought id let you know.
  7. There is two posts here explaining how to it with FreeNAS but I have no experience to know how to translate it to Unraid. I also feel like simply disabling NFS based logs would work as well if that is possible. https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/iscsi-reconnecting-every-10-seconds-to-freenas-solution.21205/post-247628
  8. I found an old thread where a Proxmox dev stated "Hi Every 10s seconds, we check the status of the NFS server with 'showmount' and then gather statistics about disk usage *if* 'showmount' successfull. We need to report early if a NFS server is down, hence the regular check.". There doesn't seem to be an easy toggle or anything. I see some later threads about the issue with workarounds for FreeNAS. Ill see if I can gather info from those and apply it to Unraid. If that fails is there a command I can use on Unraid to disable all logs related to NFS?
  9. There probally is but this is the one that will be getting all the support from the devs so I dont suggest it personally.
  10. Until now Ive been using SMB on windows but i've recently made the switch to Linux and I can't seem to get NFS to work correctly on this machine. I had a single NFS share setup before for a different machine and that one worked correctly so I understand this might not be an Unraid issue but when asking for support from in other places I was told its most likely a permissions issue with my server. The problem is If I just use my Unraid IP I only see the "mnt" folder and if I try clicking on it I get "invalid protocol". If I specify the path using "nfs://"ServerIP/mnt/" then I can see the user folder with all my created shares in it but I get a different error if I try to access one of the files inside the share "NFS error 10,001". I've attached pictures below, any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  11. While diagnosing a separate issue a helpful moderator on here noticed that my logs were being spammed. Looking at them I know exactly what is causing it. I have set up my Unraid server to be used as external backup for a Proxmox server I'm using to separate some services on different hardware. I created a dedicated share on Unraid and pointed Proxmox to that share and everything has been working correctly but unknowingly this has been spamming my logs and I can't figure out why. If I disable the connection on Proxmox the log spam stops. Any idea why this is happening and how I can stop it?
  12. After a reboot the drive showed no errors and I have run a second parity check it it has come back clean as well. I guess theres nothing to do now but to monitor it like you said. The log spam seems to come from the fact I have a NFS share mouted to a proxmox machine for backups, can you point me in the right direction for how I can fix that?