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  1. it fixed itself ...i guess it needed sometime for the subdomain to register thank you all
  2. I was trying to set up My Servers following SpaceInvader One video and everything was going fine untill it gave me a subdomain Now i can not reach my server even from inside my network using the internal ip address of, that has been static forever, because it tries the above https one i was not able to change the 443 port forwarding rule and i do not have that port open on my router so the reaching form outside of the network is imposible also (althoughi tried opening that port and closing it back up) ...what do i do?? Please help and thank you in advance By the way everything else works fine Plex, my VMs everything just can't reach the web interface Denis
  3. Now that i got it installed how do you get it working LOL I do not see anything on the setting where the scheduler may be??... and again how do i add files to encode?? the folders are assigned the right way i am sure of it...does it pick up the movies automatically?? thank you
  4. EDIT: Never mind i got it everyone else running into this; don't add the variable via SpaceInvaderOne style just read and carefully follow the instructions at the top Hello all i am trying to install Unmanic and i am running into the following error when i click apply. "usr/bin/docker: Error response from daemon: OCI runtime create failed: container_linux.go:349: starting container process caused "process_linux.go:449: container init caused "process_linux.go:432: running prestart hook 1 caused \"error running hook: exit status 1, stdout: , stderr: nvidia-container-cli: device error: unknown device id: false\\n\""": unknown. " I am running Nvidia-unRAID version 6.9.0 beta_22 and i have an older Nvidia GeForce GTX980TI i am declaring the extra parameters and the NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES with the one Gpu UUID that i have but i get that error still. I use that gpu with handbrake and plex and even once with tdarr with no errors or problems everything works fine for those containers. what am i doing wrong ?? is my video card even capable of doing a decent job of converting or helping to h265 so i can save some space or not really, the cpu will be the one to do the work. thank you
  5. @Iker thank you sir for your helped me solve it
  6. Hey all as a result of a power outage and my UPS not configured right i had an ungraceful shut down and when i recovered both my docker engine and my vms would not start. With the help of a couple of gentleman from the forums I did get my Docker service up and running but i can't get my VM ...i do not have a copy of the xml file but i do have a copy of my libvirt image and my vdisk How do i get my old vm back?? I tried to mess around with it looking at blog posts but now, although i have turned off and back on VM settings, i keep getting the Libvirt Service failed to start. I am attaching a copy of my diagnostic file Any help is greatly appreciated Thank you in advance Denis
  7. Hey thank you for the quick response... That seems to be the copy of my old VM that i lost how do i use that to get my VM back .....i have been browsing all over but i keep reading about the old xml file that i dont have
  8. Hello Gentleman, Well i was up and running for a couple of days and than back to square one. I tried to restart the PiHole docker container and got error 403 and it says can not write to docker image either full or corrupted. And the damn log is still spammed by the ACPI error although i have the rmmod acpi_power_meter added to the go file. So i restarted the tower and the docker came back up so i removed the pi hole (i wanted to anyhow) than i executed in the terminal rmmod acpi_power_meter again and the ACPI errors stopped. My array does not automatically start up after a reboot and as a result the docker service is not up and running so the command rmmod acpi_power_meter has to be executed after Docker service has started for it to work how do we do that?? Cache gets full pretty quickly when downloading loads at the same time and/or converting with handbreak/tdarr. What do i have to change to always have room in the cache ( i have the Mover scheduled to run hourly) ... I blamed PiHole for the docker hiccup this time but i think previously it was either handbreak or tdarr that caused problems with the cache and docker .... also Sonarr/Radarr move about 90% of the Completed downloads from the /cache/downloads/completed folder i have no clue why they wont move 100% of them to Media/movies share Here is what i am getting for the above commands .... looks like the same file but different the way i used to have a VM that disappeared at the same time with my dockers the first time and i tried to recreate it again. Thank you Denis
  9. Hey there here is what i get
  10. Good evening gentlemen I did the modification of /boot/config/go to include the rmmod acpi_power_meter and rebooted when i rebooted the Docker service was set to start and before i started the array i checked there were no ACPI errors when i started the array and the Docker service started automatically i saw the ACPI errors started surfacing up again. How is that correlated somehow cause i thought we are dealing with hardware os level stuff not Docker....... and i made sure that it had saved the change on the /boot/config/go file to include the rmmod. So in other words the spamming error still remains even though the config is modified to kill the it is beyond my understating ability LOL i did examine the disk and yes there is a vm i am trying to run on disk1 system it supposed to be there?? how do we move that an others it in order for the spin downs to occur . thank you again waiting for the next troubleshooting steps Denis ps diagnostics zip included
  11. Ok gentleman i removed some files from the Cache and run the balance and got a successful message although the empty space seems to have decreased (I am having a hard time comprehending this) i have turned off everything VMs and Dockers. I run fix common problems and this is what i got .....that the docker image might be full or corrupted. I did try to turn the Docker service on briefly and i got the Docker Service failed to start so it turned it back off. What do we do next?? Should i delete the Docker image again?? What did this fix because i have a feeling that if i delete the image and start installing the apps again the same thing will happen all over. I am attaching the new Diagnostic zip file. Thank you as always Denis
  12. @trurl I greatly appreciate your feedback as i am trying to better understand unRAID I followed the guide given on the above link for balancing the cache drive with the btrfs balance start -dusage=75 /mnt/cache command and it would not let me i tried with -dusage=1 and it worked all the way up till the whopping 4 but when i did 5 it says no space available. So i am trying to remove some files from the cache disk from the /downloads/completed folder that Sonar has not moved (i have no idea why it moves the majority but not all) and see if that will solve some of the problem however as stated on my original post the system reports a 107Gb free space on Cache. Truth be told i am a bit unsure on what the step by step path forward for a solution to this is?? What would one do Steps 1,2,3 ...x I suspect that the instance of Tdarr is not configured right but i never used it however the first time i had to increase from 20 to 50g was right after i installed that app when i stopped it the issue did not replicate. The ups i had was not APCUPSd compatible (it would recognize the UPS but only 2 parameters would report and incorrectly) and i am changing that now with a genuine APC smart and on top of all that i was not home when it happened and it lasted for 4+ hrs. Question: Will the built in UPS feature take care of the shutdown process automatically if connected to a genuine APC ups?? I have had a cache drive from the beginning when i set up the system however i had the System share to use Cache: Preferred instead of Cache: Yes... Will a simple change of that setting fix that issue or do i have to do something special now?? Looking forward to your help and guidance on these issues and quick guide on how to get this up and running the soon Thanks again Denis
  13. Hello y'all it is my first time posting. (I apologize in advance if this has been answered before but i used the search and thought i got the solution but the problem manifested itself again) I have had unRIAD OS Plus for a short time now and i have had a lot of fun with it and it has been a great learning experience. However on Sunday we had a power outage that lasted for 4 hours and obviously killed the batteries on the UPS which was not configured with auto shutdown and in the morning both my Docker service and VMs will not start. I looked for solutions and i found that i should delete the docker image and reinstall the apps again. I did that and it worked fine for 24 hrs however now the service will not start again and it says the cache is write only and the docker image is full but Docker is at 36% and cache has 170gb free and no one has set it to read only. Here is the screen shot from the Fix Common Problems plugin and the zip files containing the diagnostic logs Again when i click on Docker tab i get this : Docker Service failed to start. and my Windows 10 VM is no where to be found on VMs Please guide me on where to start troubleshooting this and what my next steps should be thank you in advance Denis