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  1. Hi Squid, love your apps! Does it mean I'll need to either reduce or increase my memory size for the error to solve this issue? As I swapped out a 16gb for an 8gb RAM stick when I first encountered this error
  2. So I've actually downgraded to 6.9.2 and the VM seems to have improved tremendously. However I'm still getting the CPU */KVM Tainted errors, how should I get it cleared?
  3. Hey everyone, my unRAID server has been running really strong the past few months but recently I'm running into some issues with the CPU /KVM tainted error recently after my cache drive was full the other day which corrupted my docker img as well. After going on discord and getting some help, I managed to solve my reverse proxy issues, however this tainted error seems very persistent and even took my access point down this morning, AP only worked when I unplugged the LAN. Only realized it as it happened to me a few months prior with bad ram and corrupted BTRFS files, doing a scrub on a few of my BTRFS drives as we speak. Have tried doing a memtest86+, but for whatever reason when in the boot menu to select the memtest86+, the system would reboot. This error seems to only show when I'm running my Windows 10 VM for my wife, which from the start has been constantly stuttering every 20-30 secs where we have an inside joke while listening to Taylor Swift that it was Taylor Twift instead. Have tried applying the MSI Interrupt fix from the start, yet still unable to get it solved. Also I'm getting the error in the last line quite abit too recently where my dynamix system stats seems to have some missing file. another small issue while watching PleX locally on a web browser, it'll show insecure connection, and this has been the case ever since I restarted the whole unRAID install the last time. But plays perfectly fine on local and external clients. Appreciate any help! Below are my logs and diagnostic file Attached is my diagnostics. tower-diagnostics-20210923-1240.zip
  4. Hi this is a great docker and I've been mining with a 1070, now I have a spare RTX 2070 which usually is able to hit 43MH/s on windows however I'm only able to get 37 MH/s now, is there anyway I can OC my card settings by undervolting and changing the memory settings? Thank you!
  5. Yeah that's the part I was pretty confused about as it should show up as what you had previously mentioned and I managed to get rid of the 500+ corrupted files, thank God it's all linux ISOs anyway (I do have off-site backup for my important data), so far no issues playing back videos like before. So basically these orphan data would not affect my other data in anyway or should I scatter the data to other disk and then reformat this drive? Would that work better?
  6. Here's the new diagnostics file, am currently out and running a BTRFS balance on disk4 too, will reboot tonight once I get home and finish balancing. Thank you so much for your help! tower-diagnostics-20210408-1616.zip
  7. Sorry still pretty new to the linux system so please bare with me... So I did run a scrub on disk4 yesterday after my parity finished syncing w the new drive and it completed last night, syslog showed that scrub finished on devid 1 with status:0, does this mean 0 errors? however when I check back under scrub status it still shows uncorrectable: 5. I do not have a complete backup of this disk thus I do not know what I should be restoring and how I should go about restoring or deleting Also I'm still having issues with my ports entering blocking and forwarding state ever so often which takes awhile for me to access unraid through my network shares. For my 10gbe connection as well I still cannot ping through command prompt on my main pc with the other 10gbe card.
  8. Yessir, got that and really do appreciate your replies, sorry if I sound dumb but I previously had 500+ corrupted files which I've deleted off the shares, however I can't seem to locate the above syslog location such as this, I know it's located on disk 4, however I can't seem to locate what the issue is, if it's a disk problem, would it be better if I move the files off the current drive and reformat it into XFS?
  9. Sorry but do you know where I can locate the corrupted files? I'm having issues with finding these 5 corrupted files
  10. Yes, I'm planning to move the appdata to the array temporarily as I reformat both my cache drives and move it back again once I restart the array. These errors only show up when I try scrubbing disk 4, however it still can't seem to be fixed, should I use unBALANCE to move all files off this drive and reformat it? Will it help solve the isssue or will the corrupted file just move over to another disk as I can't seem to locate the corrupted data on disk 4.
  11. How long should I run the memtest for btw? As I've previously ran them for 3hrs for these 3 RAM sticks I have and no issues were found, removed 1 bad ram stick which threw out a good 25 errors in the first 1hr, I've since removed the additional ram stick so as to not 'mix and match' before I started the server again. Will do another scrub on disk4 once the parity has been completed. Thanks for the help rendered thus far @JorgeB!
  12. Any idea how I could find out what hardware is causing the issue? ok I’ll post it once the parity for the new shucked drive has been rebuilt, estimated another 12hrs 🤧 also I’m never getting connected to my mellanox 10gbe card too is that a problem too?
  13. Hi again, have managed to solve the previous issue w a full fresh install of deluge and the system has been running fine until last night. I started getting another BTRFS Error and my docker port keeps entering blocking and forwarding state. I'm facing another issue as I'm trying to re-install the cache drive which I was trying to recover the appdata from. However when I assign 2 drives to the cache, I only get the notification that I need to format both the cache drive. Since my last mistake, I did not format due to the fear of resetting everything up everything again. So I've removed the 2nd drive and formatted it via UD, have not added back into the array as of yet as I replaced my last toshiba N300 with a new shucked drive last night Is this normal or is something corrupted? I've also ran CA Backup / Restore and verified tar value 0 (assuming 0 errors from what I researched) and have changed the appdata share from 'prefer' to 'yes' Also Toshiba side has recognized that the N300 has some issues w running unRAID and has offered me to change to their MG (enterprise) series drives, however I would require a small topup with a brand new 5 years warranty, Is this a good idea? Anyway here's the latest diagnostics, thanks so much for any help! Love this community. tower-diagnostics-20210406-1254.zip
  14. This works great and yes found like 600 corrupted blocks due to the bad ram, finally got it all cleared after 2 tedious days and the server seems to be back up with it's usual responsiveness.😅 Anyway now it seems that DelugeVPN WebUI isn't accessible when VPN is turned on and can only be accessed when VPN is being turned off, however seems to be downloading when VPN is on as well but a ton of torrents are being requested at the same time. Any idea how I could fix this?
  15. Sorry how should I go about to run the scrub and properly delete/restore the corrupt files issit only available on the cache drive? Thank you!