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  1. Did you guys ever figure this out? I have a similar issue.
  2. Vr2lo, That appears to have solved it. Thank you so much for the help. I appreciate the time you have spent to help a N00b like myself. I hope you have a great day! Woodser
  3. When I turn on bonding, I only have the option to select the interface it is currently on. For example Eth0 only has a eth0 in the bonding drop down. Shouldn't I select the other NIC in this box? This is with bonding "on" both interfaces.
  4. This problem is still here to some degree. I followed the recommendations of Vr2lo above. With the 10g NIC swapped out as eth0 and the 1G NIC as eth1. eth1 disconnected and "disabled", I have no access to the internet from the UNRAID or any VM/Container. (Pings and Traceroutes to LAN devices come back fine, Pings and Traceroutes on the Public Internet timeout) I can connect to it via the LAN and see all the shares, however it cannot get to the internet. As soon as I plug back in the 1g NIC and enable it, all of the internet connectivity is restored, however when I navigate to "//UNRIAD" it is using the 1g NIC again (not the 10g). I feel like there are some settings that UNRAID is not "letting go" of the 1g NIC. As a UNRAID Noob, any suggestions would be helpful.
  5. Can't connect to UNRAID unless there is a LAN cable plugged into the onboard NIC, after configuring a (second NIC) 10gb NIC. I have set a static address to both and disabled bonding. Each NIC has a separate IP in the same subnet. For some reason, if I unplug the Onboard NIC, I cannot reconnect to the UnRAID server. While it is disconnected, I get nothing.....and I can't even ping the static IP of the 10gb connection. Even though all the lights on the NIC are illuminated and I see the connection on the switch. If I plug back in the onboard connection, I can then magically ping everything (and access the WebGUI) on both addresses. Pinging "unraid" returns the IP of the 10gb connection (as desired) I have UnRAID 6.8.3 installed on a computer with a on-board 1gb NIC. I have installed a 10gb NIC in the same machine. My outcome would be to connect via the 10gb connection only. I do not want the onboard NIC to be connected. I appreciate and help.
  6. Thanks for dragging that link to the top. I was having the same issue....That fixed me up!
  7. John, Thanks for the help. I think there is something wonky with my network settings. I opened a new Docker I install will give me a WebUI option. Woodser
  8. Here are the logs and the User Templates. I tried Plex, binhex Plex, and DiskSpeed and all would not show a WebGUI option. my-binhex-plex.xml my-DiskSpeed.xml my-Plex-Media-Server.xml
  9. Diagnostics has been running for about 20 minutes.
  10. I recently installed UnRAID and had some issues with a NIC. I followed some advice to delete the network.conf file (from a Win10 machine) and then restart the UnRAID server. I did this and my network issues when away....however, now no matter what Apps I install from the community applications.....I do not get an option for the WebGUI. I have reinstalled Community apps but still there are no WebGUI's. Has anyone come across this?
  11. I noticed after posting that this says "8888" vice "18888". Changing that now...and restarting.
  12. This is a fresh install. Does it matter that this address is NOT in the subnet of the IP of the UnRAID server?
  13. After install (and reboot) I don't have an WebUI option. What am I doing wrong?
  14. I think I got this solved......I found a suggestion on another thread by @Ford Prefect suggesting to delete the config/network.cfg file from the USB drive in a Win PC. I did this and restarted the UnRaid Server with ONLY the 10GBE NIC connected. I was able to reset the static IP and I think its all good.
  15. I am in need of some help. I am sure it is something easy that I am missing, but I am fairly new to UnRaid. I have had my UnRaid machine up and running and everything has been working fine for the last month or two. I have been using an NVMe for cache and things are blazing fast. Now, wanting to take advantage of this, I have installed a 10gbe NIC into the UnRaid server and this is where things get weird. UnRaid Specs 8 Core AMD MSI A970 Gaming Pro Carbon MoBo Asus XG-C100C 10gbe NIC Network Layout. The Unraid Machine plugs directly into a MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+IN. There is one other computer (Workstation) plugged directly into the MikroTik. Then the MikroTik switch is connected to a Unifi 24port switch via DAC. All the rest of the computers on the network are connected to the Unifi gear. Problem: The UnRaid will not “talk” to the network over the 10Gbe NIC. I have assigned it a static IP address. The MoBo has a NIC on board that also has a static address. When both the 1gb and 10gb NIC are connected (via CAT6 cables), I can connect to the UnRaid server. However all data transfers is limited to 1gb speeds. I can ping BOTH static IP addresses from the Workstation computer. Also when this happens, I can connect to the MikroTik and watch the data come in over the DAC to the Workstation. (Vice, coming in over the 10gbe port that is connected to UnRaid). Even if I initiate a SMB transfer from the IP address of the 10gbe NIC, it still comes over the network from the 1gbe NIC. When I unplug the 1gbe NIC, I can no longer connect to EITHER IP address and cannot connect to the server at all. Troubleshooting: I have watched a number of YouTube tutorials on setting up 10gbe and no one has recommended any settings changes that I have seen that may help. I have attempted to increase the metric on the 1gbe NIC: No Change I have attempted to delete the 1gb NIC from the routing table: The route never deletes after confirmation. No Change. Does anyone have any other places I can look? I would like to “shut off” the 1gb NIC all together and force all traffic through the 10gbe NIC. Thanks for the help. Woodser
  16. I have this same NIC and had issues in 6.8.3......After replacing the CAT6 wire, all my issues with the NIC in UNRaid went away. Mine was showing as a 5000GB card, swapped the cable and I am good. Woodser
  17. Is this a "power" problem or a "SATA" problem? Thanks for the help.