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  1. Hi, Been there, done that 🙂 Two possible solutions that worked for me: - reset switch - ensure your controller computer has a DNS resolvable hostname on your network(s) (you can ping it by name from your Unifi devices) then go into Settings on you controller, go to the controller section and ensure that your host name or IP address for your controller are entered intot he Controller Hostname/IP field, then check the Override inform host with Controller Hostname/IP like so:
  2. I found the solution myself. I think the mongodb was totally screwed up....from what I understand from the logs. - tried to repair the database without luck Steps to the solution: - stopped the container - copied unify-controller folder from appdata (there's a folder with configuration backups from the unifi controller, xxxx.unf) - removed the container - delete unifi controller folder in appdata - reinstalled unifi-controller docker - access the web gui from unifi and restored from the backup file xxxx.unf - access to the controller with no issues Should anyone run into this issue, this solution worked for me. Ritmjunk
  3. Hi Peteasking, Thank you for your reply, sorry for not providing much information. It's just that I never had an issue to log into the unifi controller, it started a couple of days ago after the latest update I guess. System information: Unraid 6.9.2 Docker Unifi controller in bridge with standard settings, latest Domain name: unifi.mdeneve.be nginxproxymanager (others domains, for example nextcloud, are running) I'll include the log files from server and mongodb....there are some errors.... Steps that I already did: - restarting the container - reinstalled docker unifi controller - I already took a backup when it wasn't working, restore appdata is not an option Thank you in advance for having a look. Appreciate the work you guys do. Ritmjunk mongod.log server.log
  4. I have an issue with the latest version... (wasn't aware that I always used the latest version ☹️ ) error: HTTP Status 404 – Not Found It always worked fine, till latest update... Should I wait for a new update or do I have to reinstall the docker container and this reconfigure my unifi system?
  5. OMG.....issue persist only in Safari.....Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  6. euh yes......didn't test in other browser Will try 🙂
  7. Hi Marbles, Im new to Unraid and also followed Spaceinvader guide. All went wel using my own domain name. Except for Home Assistant.......What exactly do you put in the home assistant configuration file? I'm familiar wit HA because it's running on a Raspberry PI, but like to set it up on Unraid. Thank you in advance, Michael