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  1. Had high hopes for the updated of UD - but sadly it seems to have gotten worse. My shares disappeard again last night and I updated UD after the reboot this morning. With the new version the shares went to zero bytes within 5 minutes. I have added the diagnostics file.
  2. Here are my diagnostics - just had another incident.
  3. This is becoming unbearable 😞 All my data is on a Synology NAS connected with shares (UD) to my Unraid server (I purchased the Synology before I learned about Unraid). Everyday my shares drops to 0 and only a reboot brings them back online. My troubles started after the upgrade to 6.9.2 - maybe I will try to go back to 6.9.1. It would be very much appreciated if some of you have a solution for this.
  4. MUT is set to 1.500 (I think this is default - not something I did)
  5. Hi, Since yesterday my mapped NAS drives have been acting strange. They look like they are mounted correctly but "size", "used", and "free" all show 0. The log shows some kind of time out error: Apr 6 20:13:50 HighTower unassigned.devices: Error: shell_exec(/bin/df '/mnt/remotes/LAKR_NAS_Media' --output=size,used,avail | /bin/grep -v '1K-blocks' 2>/dev/null) took longer than 2s! After a reboot the drives mounted correctly - but the error came back after a couple of hours again I tried googling the error but to no avail. Unraid version: 6.9.1 Unassigned Devices version: 2021.04.03