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  1. +1 i will ike to see it too ! will make my work so eazy for me in the day work
  2. i have a Qnap nas and i want somthing like this in unraid i its dansih within xx min and xx failed attempts then ban for xx number of times or lifetime and opportunity to limeted to ex "Danmark" ip's so no from other country can Access my server TheBeast
  3. Hi I pages with my world cup manager in gui I can not update my vms with new settings but with xml editing I can well? some who know something eg more mem or other pin on cpu or something like that
  4. cron job manager here can be used in docker and other places
  5. plugin: installing: plugin: downloading plugin: downloading: ... failed (Network failure) plugin: wget: download failure (Network failure) Updating Support Links Finished Installing. If the DONE button did not appear, then you will need to click the red X in the top right corner how do i fix that ?