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  1. So I've been using this container for more than a year, but last week I've seen some weird behaviour from the notification system I have in place, which would not detect qbittorrent every few minutes. Inspecting the problem I found kind of what is happening, which is the following process: - container loads fine, with normal speeds, no warnings from it about wireguard or anything else - after one or two minutes speeds start to diminish, soon reaching 0 - after a few more seconds with all downloads stale, qbittorrentvpn logs read: What should I do to start troubleshooting this? Thanks. EDIT: it is happening to other containers so I believe it's something to do with the VPN itself. I will check and report back EDIT2: Can confirm that this is happening with whatever personal VPN I (as in VPS-turned-VPN-server) I try. Can someone think of anything I might be missing here? EDIT3: apparently openvpn works with the very same provider so I don't really know what the problem might be. For the time being I'll stick to it.
  2. Hello, First and foremost, thanks for this container. It has been great. So great that.. it is so cutting edge that is currently using qBittorrent v4.3.0, which not all sites whitelist just yet. Would it be possible to retain an older version, perhaps as a tag in the container DockerHub?
  3. Did it, and the pool was successfully imported and shows fine on FreeNAS. The only thing is.. it is empty. Before this (yesterday, before even creating the topic) I tried 'recreating' the pool in Unraid as a part of rebuilding the pool inside. Using the same name. Is it possible that I may have fucked up the data inside the drive, even if only recreating the zpool this way? It should be noted that I got it to work earlier this week. I could see my files in unraid. The only thing is.. I didn't have the drive to transfer all my data by then.
  4. Of course I am doing that hehe sorry if it looked as I literally pasted the command I think I may have fucked up somehow I just don't know how or why
  5. Doing so gives me It there any other way to mount that drive? This is the UD menu, with its pools showed when expanded.
  6. Hello, I am running into a simple problem, yet I won't be trying anything that might damage the disk I am trying to get data from. I have backups, but recovering data would take me weeks with my current connection. I am coming from FreeNAS, with a 4TB ZFS formatted drive. I got a new 4TB drive, which is already formatted in XFS and ready to get that data. Problem is: I forgot to 'export' my zpool on the FreeNAS system before, well, formatting it to install unRaid. As so, the 'zpool import' command does not work, and I am unsure on how to properly mount the ZFS drive to retrieve the data. That HDD will be properly formatted and added to the array when the transfer is done. I got this far, but pressing 'mount' won't properly mount the drive. What should I do to retrieve that data?