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  1. Hi @dlandon, I have been able to setup the cdplayer plugin using an USB cdrom with the following steps: Adding the device (/dev/sr0) in the docker template. It will be passed to the container with the host permissions "root:cdrom". Installing cdda2wav (package name is icedax). Changing the "cdrom" group id to 19 (so that it matches the UNRAID one). Adding the PUID user (nobody) to the "cdrom" group. I guess that with each upgrade these steps have to be repeated, so do you think they can be added to your docker image?
  2. Hello guys, I'm wondering why when I run a script, if inside the script I run some program in background the script doesn't terminate correctly (in the console window doesn't appear the "DONE" button). The script itself works and terminates ok if run it from the terminal. Is this an intended behavior? If yes, can it be circumvented in some ways? Thanks.
  3. Actually I just compiled the required modules, so eventually there will be somebody doing this job and sharing them with the community. I'm on the stable though... Looks like the modules are stored in the bzmodules file in the flash that is also hashed. If somebody can confirm that modifying the bzmodules file and re-hashing it will work, I can give it a try. EDIT: I gave it a try, it worked.
  4. @limetech I tried to use virtualhere and I'm facing the same issue regarding the missing module. My use case is sharing the Mediacenter cdrom with the Logitech Media Server docker, so that I can play audio cds on the Mediacenter itself.
  5. After some tries, I haven't been able to install nbd. @dmacias any chance this can make it to the list? It could be helpful to share the cd drive of a server.
  6. Hello guys, I created a script that manages the smart tests for all my drives. I would like to disable the spindown timeout before running the smart tests and then re-enable it. Any hints on how to do it from the command line? Cheers!
  7. Hi, any chance to have nbd added? I would like to share a cdrom drive from another machine :)