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  1. More info from the network tab of the browser: These request are pending Making the request from the Command Line:
  2. I'm a registered user. Should I change the key to a trial one? If I do so, can I go back to the registered one? Where can I get a trial key?
  3. Sorry, about that, I solved it (the wrong csrf_token error), but not the main one (the empty main tab)
  4. What about this error: Mar 19 13:57:45 SUPERBIG root: error: /plugins/unassigned.devices/UnassignedDevices.php: wrong csrf_token Mar 19 13:57:48 SUPERBIG root: error: /plugins/unassigned.devices/UnassignedDevices.php: wrong csrf_token
  5. For a moment after reboot it worker again, but after a F5 all gone. Can it be an error in the backed? I mean the server script which (php?) which send data to the front?
  6. No luck i safe mode superbig-diagnostics-20210319-1347.zip
  7. Hi there: since a few minutes ago main tab does not show any devices, but everything seems to be ok. Dashboard shows the disks, docker images are running. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. PS: I restarted the system, but continues failing.
  8. Same disk, same issue. Did you find a solution? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you! This is what I picked: - ASUS ROG Strix B460-G Gaming - Intel Core i5-10600 3.3 GHz - Corsair CMK32GX4M2F4000C19 Vengeance LPX 32 GB - Kingston A2000 (SA2000M8/500G) SSD NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 500 GB (Cache) What do you think? xabi
  10. It's the only size it fits on the space I have.
  11. Hi there: I'm building a PLEX Unraid server for the very first time, but I have some doubts. Could you please help me with a recommendation regarding Mother Board + processor + SATA card? These are my needs: - Micro-ATX form factor (mandatory) - Plex hardware en/decoder (intel quick sync?) - Maybe in the future I will add a graphics card. - 5 Hard disks (1 for parity + 4 data) Doubts: Do you recommend a SATA card instead of using the motherboard SATA ports and why? If so what card do you recommend me? Can I use a SSD for caching and docker images at the same time or should I add two SSDs (one for caching and one for docker images, etc)? I'm thinking on a Intel i7-9700 cause quick sync and running some docker images, is it OK or a AMD Ryzen will do the trick better? If Intel, what generation 9 or 10? (Remember the quick sync) What about a i5 10500 or 10600 vs i7-9700? Any problem regarding unraid/quick sync? What do you recommend a SATA SSD for caching or use a M2? Thanks in advance and sorry for my damn English (I'm Spanish).
  12. Hi there: I'm new to the forum and I hope to be an unraid user soon, but I have some questions and I would like someone to help me with them. Right now I have a PC that I use with windows and I play from time to time with it. I also have a qnap NAS with 48T, plex and all that stuff. My idea is to replace everything with a PC on which I mount a unraid. Doubts: 1.- I have seen many gaming videos with unraid (video card passthrough), etc. What I don't understand is how to start the windows virtual machine to play. I will need another computer to connect to unRaid and start it, right? Is there any other method? If someone uses unRaid with a virtual machine to play I would like you to tell me how you do it and what your experience has been. 2.- If I buy a motherboard with 8 SATA ports should be enough or do you recommend me to buy a PCI card with the SATA ports? 3.- You can passthrough the USB ports of the board or you have to buy a USB ports PCI card. 4.- Same as above but with respect to the sound card. Thanks in advance: xabi
  13. Buenas: soy nuevo en el foro y espero pronto ser un usuario de unraid, pero tengo algunas dudas y me gustaría que alguien ayudase con ellas. Ahora mismo tengo un PC que uso con windows y juego de vez en cuando con él. También tengo un NAS qnap con 48T, plex y todas esa cosas. Mi idea es sustituir todo por un PC en el que monte unraid. Dudas: 1.- He visto muchos videos de gaming con unraid (passthrough de la tarjeta de video), etc. Lo que no entiendo es cómo arrancar la maquina virtual de windows para jugar. Voy a necesitar otro ordenador para conectarme a unRaid y arrancarla, no? Existe algún otro método? Si alguien usa unraid con una maquina virtual para jugar me gustaría que me contase como lo hace y cual ha sido sus experiencia. 2.- Si compro una placa base con 8 puertos SATA debería ser suficiente o me recomiendan que compre una tarjeta PCI con los puertos SATA? 3.- Se puede hacer passthrough de los puertos USB de la placa o hace falta comprar una tarjeta de puertos USB. 4.- Lo mismo que la anterior pero respecto a la tarjeta de sonido. Un saludo y muchas gracias. xabi