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  1. Is there a way to give plex priority to gpu resources? It's great having this run while plex is idol, but I'm seeing cpu transcode when plex picks back up.
  2. I am also encountering this issue when trying to instal mojave. I have tried both install method 1 and 2 after fully removing both the vm and docker.
  3. Where could I see the IP I gave the container? I am getting this error as well and not seeing how to resolve in the README. Thanks! Edit: my thought its that it would be the ip of my server:5001, when I hit submit, nothing happens Edit 2: I can see something happening when I inspect the web element, it does change when I hit submit, its just still not working. Failed to load resource: Could not connect to the server. Not sure what the it should be then Edit 3: It is the ipaddressofserver:5001, but I am getting a 403 when it is set as apposed to could not con